Today we would ask you to think on a person who has done a good thing for you.  Someone who has done you a kindness.

It can be a large thing, like someone who aided you as you were going through a difficult period in your life.  Or someone who offered you encouragement that helped to positively shape the course of your life.

Or it can be a very small thing, like the clerk at the store who let you return the item without difficulty.  Or someone you ran into during your day whose presence lifted your spirits.  Maybe someone complimented you on your hair, or what you were wearing, and made you feel good in your body.

Whomever comes to mind, we would ask you to think on this person.  Imagine this person’s kindly face.  Remember a specific moment of kindness.

As you hold this beautiful being in your thoughts, say “Thank you.”

You may say it silently, or you may say it out loud.  Say it to this person, and imagine their reaction to these words — for this “thank you” comes from the heart, and is said with true feeling.

This is all you need do.  It is a little thing, and will take only a few moments.  And we thank you for having an open heart.