Listen.  Today we ask you to drop a grievance.  What does this mean?

Most of you walk through the day plagued by grievances.  They surround you like a swarm of tiny, stinging flies.

You are frustrated with your co-worker, your parent, your spouse, your child, the politician, the person driving that car, the telemarketer, the person with different religious beliefs, the person who did or said something that you just cannot comprehend.  How could this person do that?

We would ask you to select a very minor grievance.  Like the person who cut you off in traffic.  Or the telemarketer.  Or the child who didn’t clean up the mess.  Or the friend who dropped the small commitment.  Something that is irritating you, something you can’t stop thinking about, but in the greater scheme of things you are able to perceive as minor.

Now, take a deep breath, and imagine how you would feel if this incident had not happened.  There may be a voice in your head that protests, “Well, it did!”  But we are inviting you to imagine, just for a few moments, what you would feel like if this grievance had not occurred at all.  Just imagine how you would feel if this incident were erased from your memory.  Notice what happens in your body.

We invite you to consider letting go of this minor grievance.  Simply choosing to release it and not hold on to it.  It is such a very small thing.  And yet keeping it around is like keeping around a tiny biting fly that irritates you.  Let go of this little bug.  Let go because its absence will make you feel better.