Today we ask you to release harmful energies from your system.

Release harmful energies from your system.

What does this mean?

On one level, “system” refers to your physical body.

Always it is good to release harmful energies from your physical body.

The healthy physical body has a strong detoxification system. A great deal of your physical body energy is dedicated to keeping the body clean, and releasing harmful microbes and toxins.

The burden placed on physical bodies by the modern environment frequently overtaxes the detoxification system, resulting in an accumulation of harmful material that can lead to disease.

Therefore, it is wise to support the physical body by engaging in routine “detox” practices. These usually involve diet, exercise, and activities such as taking a detoxifying bath, or going to a sauna.  Such practices are essential.

On another level, “system” refers to your emotional body. The emotional body is as real as the physical body, although most people do not think of their emotions in this way.

Like the physical body, the emotional body needs to be cleaned. It gets clogged with blocked emotions: pent-up anger, resentment, grief, and so forth. And this leads to various forms of illness as well.

So it is good to air out the emotional body. It is good just to have a good cry on a regular basis, even if you don’t think you need to cry about anything. Listen to a sad song, watch a weepy movie — anything that will trigger a bout of crying.

You might need to scream, or pound a pillow, to release angry energies. You might need to shout at a person who isn’t there, or write an angry letter that you don’t send. You might need to stomp your feet like a toddler. Just get it out. Don’t hurt anyone with it, but get it out of your body.

Then there is the mental body. The thought body. And this is something that really needs to be cleaned out. The mental body is like a closet, and often it is a cluttered closet — full of old thoughts that probably don’t fit you anymore. Thoughts you picked up from other people, that don’t really reflect who you are.

Meditation is useful here: both to create space in the constant stream of mental chatter, and also as a tool to observe your thoughts. If you start looking at your thoughts, you’ll see that a lot of them might be quite negative, attacking the self and others, and so forth. There may be a lot of guilt and shame.

Some people take pride in their clean living: “Oh, my diet is so pure! Look how much yoga I do!” But their mental body is as polluted as a smoker’s lungs.

So air out the thoughts. It is good to write them down and look at them. Then you can question them. Often you will see that many of your thoughts are really not sane.

Then there is the spiritual body. This body cannot be harmed by any earthly toxin. However, your connection to your spiritual body can be blocked or clogged.

Spiritual practices will open up this channel: meditation, prayer, gratitude, embracing the beauty and sacredness of the present moment.

Your “system” also includes what’s around you: your home, your relationships, your work and work space, your finances, everything you take in via the media or social networking, and so forth.

How can these areas be cleaned and detoxified?

Maybe you need to lovingly release a harmful relationship.

Maybe you need to reduce your intake of news and social media, or block certain sources.

Maybe you just need to sweep your floor.

Deep down you all can sense what is good for you, and what feels unhealthy or toxic.

If it is unclear, create space around it. Sit in meditation. Ask for guidance. Be patient, and an answer will come.

Don’t feel like you need to clean everything all at once. That’s no good. Then you’ll just get overwhelmed, and give up before you even begin.

Just do a little. Something manageable, that you know will feel good. Notice how you feel after you do it. 

If you feel guilty, ashamed and powerless around all the harmful energy in your system, then perhaps the place to start with is allowing yourself to have a good cry. Watch a weepy movie, listen to a sad song. Just start there. Cry. You need it.