Today we ask that you be at peace with your life, as it is.

This is the life you are supposed to have. This life, and no other.

There is no other life that you are meant to have.

The place you are in right now, at this moment — this is exactly where you are supposed to be.

There are no other earthly realities beside this one that you are experiencing right now.

There are no other “alternate timelines,” no other roads you might have gone down had you made other decisions earlier in your life.

There are no accidents, and no mistakes. This life, with all its joys and sorrows — this life is the life you are supposed to have.

Most people walk through life with a sense of dissatisfaction. Whatever your life is, it is not good enough. People believe that they are supposed to have other lives. Better lives.

Lives with more money. More recognition. Better relationships. Better health. 

If only they had x, y and z — then they would feel okay about life. But because they do not have x, y and z — life is not okay.

Yes, you do not have x, y and z. That is true.

But you do have a, b and c.

You do not have x, y and z right now because you are not meant to have x, y and z right now.

Right now, you have a, b and c.

What are a, b and c?

Anything in your life that brings you joy and meaning. Anything, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant.

Maybe you have a beloved pet. Maybe you ate or drank something delicious today. Maybe you went for a walk in the fresh air, and it felt good.

That is your a, b and c. That is what is yours, right now. That is what is meant to be yours.

And the more you focus your energy and attention on the gifts that are yours right now, the more you will enjoy this life that is yours — this life that is supposed to be yours.

Let go of x, y and z. Let go of what you think you are supposed to have, that you do not have.

People think that happiness is a complicated, unattainable thing.

But really, happiness is very simple.

A happy person loves and cherishes the life that he has been given. He desires no other life.

That does not mean happy people are unmotivated, do not have goals, and do not take action in the world.

It is false, this belief that action must always arise from a place of striving and dissatisfaction.

It is very possible to take action in the world from a place of fullness, and playful exploration.

All these miserable people on the world’s stage, all these unhappy little tyrants demanding this, attacking that…

The best way to counter and defeat such energy is not by getting dragged into the drama.

The best way to counter and defeat such energy is always by getting grounded in that which gives you joy and meaning.

If the world were populated by satisfied people, no despot would ever be able to seize power.

You do not become a satisfied person by getting all these things you think you want. Just look at the little tyrants. They may possess wealth and fame, but do they seem satisfied?

You become a satisfied person by becoming satisfied, right now, with the life that is yours.

Even one truly satisfied person can change the world, and make it a more joyful and meaningful place for everyone else.