Today we ask that you consider the “conditions,” or “climate,” when contemplating an action.

Many people experience drama in life because they feel that their efforts are not working out, or that they are failing in some way.  Life is perceived as a struggle, and they may believe that there is something wrong or defective about them.  

Often, however, it is really a matter of “conditions,” or “climate.”

What does this mean?

If you are a gardener, you are aware that conditions are essential when it comes to planting.  You must take into consideration the climate you live in, and the season of the year.

You would not plant an orchid in the desert and expect it to flourish.

You would not plant a cactus in a rainforest and expect it to flourish.

If an orchid dies in the desert, you do not think there is anything wrong with the orchid.  The orchid was planted in a location where it could not flourish.

Yet in life, people are very confused about this.

They plant their seeds in conditions that are not conducive, then feel devastated when nothing grows.  They blame the seed for being broken, when in face the seed is perfectly healthy and good.  It is just not the right climate or season for that seed to grow.

For example, many people feel very crushed when a creative work is “rejected.”  Rejection may even cause them to give up their creative endeavors.  

But often all rejection means is that you tried to plant your seed in soil that was not conducive.  It is not personal.  You just need to plant the seed elsewhere, in a better climate or season.

This is true with most things people wish to create, or “manifest.”  They focus all their attention on the seed, but ignore the conditions.  Then when the seed doesn’t sprout, they say the universe is cruel and that nothing ever works out for them.

So if you are someone who wishes to create, it is very use to consider the conditions.  Look at the climate.

If you are sensitive to the climate, you will discover that it is entirely impossible to improve the climate for a particular planting.  This is like constructing a greenhouse in the desert.  If you want to plant orchids in the desert, it is possible.  But first you must build a greenhouse.

“Building a greenhouse,” in this scenario, means focusing on your internal conditions.

People are usually very focused on what is external.  

But if you cultivate your internal conditions, external conditions become much less of a factor.

For example, if you are very exhausted and rundown, it is difficult to create anything in a sustained way.  Your own interior climate is not conducive.

If you allow yourself to rest, and increase your health and vitality, you are improving your internal conditions.  You are building a greenhouse inside yourself.

You may then still deal with challenging external conditions, but if you are very healthy inside, you will usually have better discernment about what to do.

For example, perhaps you know someone who is very desperate to get married, but always seems to date the wrong people.

This person has a valid creative desire — to find a loving relationship — but is oblivious to the external conditions, i.e. the incompatible partners this person habitually pursues.

If this person turned inward to cultivate interior health — in this case, greater self-love — this would be like building a greenhouse.

Then the person could more easily discern that he has been casting his seeds into dry soil.  He would seek different, more conducive external conditions for a loving relationship.

Therefore, when contemplating an action, it is wise to consider the conditions.  What is the current climate?

If you realize the climate is not conducive, that doesn’t mean you should give up.  Look inward.  How can you improve your interior climate?  How can you build a greenhouse for your desires — perhaps to keep them alive until they can be planted in a better season?

Once you do that, usually you will approach the exterior climate in a different way.  You will become more aware and discerning.  You will no longer waste as much energy trying to force orchids to grow in the desert.  And you will not be so devastated when your seeds fail to grow.  You simply know that it is necessary to plant in a better place or season.  There is nothing wrong with the seed.  The seed is perfectly sound.  You just need to find the right climate, and the first place to focus your attention is inside.

Life is then not so much of a struggle.  Planting orchids in the desert is a struggle, yes.  But with the right seed, and the right climate, it can actually be quite easy to grow new things.