the gift of space

Today we ask that you recognize the value of space.

Recognize the value of space.

What does this mean?

Space is what exists when other things are absent.

An open space does not have much “stuff” in it.

When there is a rest in a piece of music, there is silence.

Unscheduled “free” time is spacious, compared with scheduled time.

Modern humans have a very unfortunate habit of needing to fill up space.

“Stuff” is valued more than “space.”  So people’s lives become cluttered.

People’s living spaces are cluttered with too many objects and possessions.

People’s schedules are cluttered with too many activities.  If someone does happen to have a moment of “free time,” it must instantly be occupied — either with something “productive,” or something “entertaining.”

People’s senses are cluttered with too much stimuli.  Walk into many homes and work places, and there is a TV always blaring somewhere in the background.  People are always checking their phones and computers to see if anything “new” has happened in the past minute.  

No wonder people are so miserable.

It is quite impossible for humans to be healthy without sufficient space.

To be health, a human requires rest, silence, and room.

Is this clear?  You cannot be healthy without adequate rest, silence, and room.  

This is why meditation is so helpful for people.  It gives you a period of rest, silence, and room.

Without rest, silence, and room, there is no space for your energy to expand into.  You will feel constricted, overwhelmed, crushed, and claustrophobic.

The side effects of this are chronic anxiety, and stress-related health issues.

If you experience these issues, ask yourself:

How can I give myself more space?

How can I give myself more breathing room?

How can I have less “stuff” in my life?

You can start by getting rid of the clutter in your home and work space.

You can start by easing up on your schedule.

You can start with a meditation practice, even of a few minutes a day.

It doesn’t matter where you start.  Just start somewhere, and do your best to follow through.

How can your life be more spacious?

If you believe it’s impossible to experience more space, start by giving yourself the gift of silence.

Turn off the computer.  Turn off the TV.  Turn off your phone.   

Just do that, and right away, you will have more space.  You will have more room to breathe.

Try it, and you will see.