Today we ask that you not “get up in arms” when people offend you.

People are always getting up in arms when they feel angry and offended.  They sit around ruminating, having grandiose arguments in their head with those who have offended them.  They may be having arguments with politicians, celebrities, people on TV or in the news.  You don’t have to know someone in order to have a heated argument in your head with them.  You may even be arguing with a dead person.

Really, this is a great waste of energy.  You have much better uses for your time and energy than engaging in arguments in your head, or worse, over email or the internet or such places.

Of course other people are going to offend you.  They may hold radically different beliefs about reality from you.  Mostly it is because they were taught to believe whatever they do in their formative years, and conditioned belief systems are very intractable.  People routinely confuse their belief systems with their identities.  They identify themselves as Christians, conservatives, atheists, liberals, etc.  They think that if they didn’t hold this particular set of beliefs, somehow they would cease to exist.

Why waste your breath with such people, even in your own mind?  Especially in your mind.

If you want to create positive change in your life or the world, there is no end of things you can do, that do not in any way involve arguing with people who offend you.

In fact, spending time in such arguments is a quagmire that will prevent you from creating positive change in your life and the world.  It is a trap.

Sometimes people feel very bored or empty in their lives, and going around picking arguments makes them feel more important.  You can find such people posting attacking, opinionated comments on the internet.  But they are everywhere, the world’s critics and complainers, all the huffy offended people.

What such people crave is attention, which is what you give them every time you argue with them.  Negative attention is still attention, and it makes them feel special and eases their boredom.  Every time someone argues back against an argumentative person, they get to be part of a drama, the star of their own reality show.  That is why they go around looking for arguments.  It makes them feel special, and they do not understand that human energy can be used in more constructive ways.

The best thing to do with critics and complainers and ranting people is to ignore them, and go about your business.  Otherwise you are only encouraging their behavior.  If no one paid attention, they would stop.  Truly, this is so.

Anyone reading these words has far better uses for their energy than to get caught up in arguments with people whose views offend them — including purely mental arguments.

If people stopped wasting their energy arguing, and used that energy for positive creation, the whole world would change overnight.