life is good

Today we ask that you know that life is good.

Life is good.

It is not just good only if it meets certain conditions.

It is not just good if you are rich and successful.  Ask any rich, successful person.  They will tell you all about their problems.

Maybe you believe that in order for life to be good, you need a mate, or you need to have a child.  But people with mates and children will tell you all about their problems, if you ask them.

Maybe you believe that life is good for the young and beautiful.  But young, beautiful people have all sorts of problems.  Just ask them.

And so on.  If you believe that the goodness of life is conditional, then it will always be conditional.  Happiness will be temporary, and fleeting.  The conditions will keep changing.

Imagine someone who believes that life is good only when the weather is sunny, and mildly warm, but not too hot.  Such a person will only feel good on days that meet those conditions.  Most of the time he will be unhappy.  

This is how most people live.  So it is no wonder that most people are miserable.  They are always chasing the perfect conditions, when life will finally be good.  They will never get there.

Life is intrinsically good.  It is good whether it is sunny, or raining.  It is good whether it is hot, or cold.  It is good regardless of the conditions under which it exists.  It is just good.

It is good right now.

If you believed this, and loved life unconditionally, you would experience life as good.  Your joy would no longer be conditional.

One way to cultivate this is to consciously practice feeling good, regardless of external circumstances.

It is best to do this when you are basically in good health and there is no major upheaval going on in your life.  This is a good time to practice experiencing life as good.

You can connect with the goodness of life when you are in the supermarket, the post office, commuting to work, or taking care of a child.  You can connect with the goodness of life when you are eating a simple meal.  You can take a walk outside and marvel at the wonders around you.  Right now, wherever you are, you can connect with the goodness of life.  The trees, the sky.  Can you delight in the sheer fact that you are alive?

Many a man on his deathbed would give anything to have what you have right now.  A dying billionaire would spend all his money to be granted life.  This life so many people take for granted, and continually complain about.

Life is good.  Believe it, and you will experience it.  Right now.