life is but a dream

Today we ask that you believe that you dwell in a loving reality.

You dwell in a loving reality.

To most humans, reality seems anything but loving.  It is cruel, harsh, brutal, uncaring, or meaningless.

Some people believe in a punitive God who sends souls to eternal torment in “Hell.”

Others believe in a random, empty, mechanistic universe, in which consciousness is annihilated at death.

The fundamentalists and atheists fight bitterly with each other, convinced of their righteousness.  Really, both these points of view are misguided.

The truth of this reality is exquisitely simple.  Yet this truth cannot be described without sounding like madness to most people.

Mankind’s visionaries and seers have often penetrated the veil.  When they gain true perception, they see that reality, as you know it, is an illusion.

To say “Reality is an illusion” sounds simple, and it is.  Yet it is difficult for the human mind to grasp this mystery.  The evidence of the five senses insists that reality is extremely real.  To describe reality as an illusion is akin to attempting to describe color to a blind person, or to describe sound to a deaf person.

That is where faith comes in.  The blind man may believe that color exists, because others perceive it, and because he may occasionally perceive color in his mind.  The deaf man may believe that sound exists, because others perceive it, and because he can feel the vibrations sounds make.  

That is what it means to believe that the true underlying nature of reality is purely loving.  That is where faith comes in.  Others have perceived the loving essence of reality, and you, too, may perceive it, especially if you are open and sensitive.  

At night, you dream.  You may experience terrors and nightmares that appear to be very real.  When you are dreaming, you have absolutely no awareness that what your five senses are telling you about reality is not completely accurate.  Reality may appear to be hostile, and threatening.  

When you wake and find yourself in bed, you realize that it was all an illusion.  No harm has come to you.  You were safe the whole time.

Life itself is exactly like this.  You may experience terrors and nightmares that your five senses tell you are absolutely real.  Everything around you may confirm the hostile and threatening nature of reality.  But death, when it comes, is the waking up out of this state.  At death, you will understand that this, too, was all an illusion. No harm has come to you.  You were safe the whole time.

To be conscious of this while you are alive is like being lucid in a dream.  Lucid dreamers are not frightened by the dream landscape, and find dreaming to be a playful experience.  This is what is meant by “enlightenment.”  It is the perception that you are experiencing a collective dream.

When you know and truly believe this, it is very possible to shift your perception of reality so that you experience this collective dream in a spirit of joy and playfulness.  

It is okay if this sounds crazy, and you do not believe it.

And yet it is true.  Illusory though your reality may be, please know that it is not a dark, cruel, hostile, or evil illusion.  

The vast intelligence that underlies all reality is purely loving.  

Everyone dies and goes to “Heaven” in your reality — whether they believe in it or not.  

It is okay if you do not believe this.  But if you did, you would enjoy the life experience more.