connect with the juiciness of life

Today we ask that you connect with the juiciness of life

For life is juicy.  Even in the driest desert, if you slice open a cactus, you will find it is full of juice.

Only dead things are dry.  Life is, by definition, juicy.

Yet humans have been taught to fear and judge the juiciness of life.

Many religions equate “juiciness” with “sin.”

Saints, martyrs — such people are not usually associated with “juiciness.”  There is a decidedly dry quality to the collective image of “holy people.”

Eroticism is a deeply important dimension of human existence.  It is in many ways impossible to truly experience the juiciness of life if one is cut off from the pleasures of physical embodiment.

Such energy is not limited to the sexual act — which, sadly, for many people is not particularly juicy.  It is more a way of walking in the world, of feeling an erotic charge around tasting a fresh orange, or taking a hot shower.  Feeling good in your physical body is “juicy.”

Even if one is contemplating the beauty of art, or divinity, it is not good to live too much in your head, to exist from the neck up.  To be purely “cerebral” is to be cut off from the juiciness of life.

Many people who experience abundance problems really just need an infusion of “juice.”

Many health problems arise because of a lack of “juice.”  Dryness creates inflammation, and causes all manner of disease.

Most cultures condition people to believe that to be a good, virtuous person, you must suffer and be miserable.  This belief system does nothing but create a dry, joyless, juice-less existence.

So today, look at ways to connect with the juiciness of life.

Connect with ways to experience joy and pleasure in the physical world.

Get out of your head.  Connect with the “waist down” part of yourself.

Eat something delicious, and really be present with it.  It doesn’t have to be a gourmet meal.  Eating an apple can be a deeply erotic experience in the right frame of mind.

When you take a shower or bathe, connect with the deep pleasure of the experience of being in the water, and touching your body.

Notice if you feel resistance around this, or start to “check out.”  Do you go back into your head, your thoughts, your lists of things to do?  Do you feel guilty or ashamed?  Pay attention to resistance you feel toward life’s juiciness.

How can your life get juicier?

The juicier you are, the healthier you are.

Think of a plant.  A juicy plant is healthy.  A dry plant is sick.

Many problems can dissolve simply by connecting to the juiciness of life.