Today we ask that you express appreciation for what is meaningful to you.

Express appreciation for what you love, for what you enjoy, for what helps and serves you and those you care for.

There are many ways to express appreciation.  

It begins in your mind, with the simple practice of feeling gratitude for what is good in your life.

But you can take this to the next level.

You can express appreciation by saying to someone that they are meaningful to you.  You may tell them in person, or write a note.

Don’t you love it when you receive a message from someone that you are meaningful to them?  Doesn’t it brighten your day?

Another way to express appreciation is through the giving of something.  It may be one’s time, or one’s knowledge.  It may be a material object.  It may be money.

There is a practice known as “tithing,” usually associated with religious organizations, by which one pledges a certain percentage of one’s income to charitable causes or a religious group.

When done out of a sense of obligation, or to keep up appearances, there is little benefit to “tithing.”

However, if a “tithe” is given wholeheartedly, in the form of appreciation, time, expertise, wisdom, money, and so on — then this practice can be extremely beneficial, sometimes in a life-altering way.

Imagine receiving a thank you note, a gift, or even money out of the blue — just because someone out there feels that you are meaningful to them.  Wouldn’t that make your day?  Even your week?

Now imagine being the person who gives that experience to other people.  Not out of duty or obligation, but in a spirit of heartfelt joy and playfulness.

All the good feeling you create for others through such action, you will feel.

Any of you who experience flow or abundance blockages are strongly encouraged to engage in appreciative practices in the year to come.

No money is required for a “tithe.”

However, tithing money in a heartfelt, playful way is an excellent use of money.  If you have issues around money, the practice of tithing has a way of balancing this energy so that you experience a much healthier relationship with money.  

To make it clear, all that is necessary for a “tithe” is an act of appreciation.  This act must be wholehearted, and not done out of obligation or with any kind of agenda other than to increase well-being.  

It is a wonderful thing to “make someone’s day.”

You will discover that when you make someone else’s day, you also make your own.

If you experience any sort of flow or abundance blockage, engaging in a daily act of appreciation will, without question, get more energy moving in your life.  This can be radically transformative.