give your life permission to be what it is

Today we ask that you give permission to things to be as they are.

Let things be as they are.

Let your body be what it is today.

Let other people be who they are today.

Let your life be what it is today.

If you have things to do, do them — but do not beat yourself up for not doing more.

If it is time to relax, let yourself relax.  Do not relax and then beat yourself up for relaxing.

Let your issues be what they are today.

Let the weather be what it is today.

Stop arguing.  Stop being at war with reality today.  Stop arguing even with what the weather is doing.

It is okay if other people around you argue and fight with reality.  Let them argue and fight.  

Give reality permission to be exactly what it is today.

As if your life were a painting hanging on the wall in a museum, just step back and observe it.  Resist the need to judge and criticize.  

Give the painting permission to look exactly as it looks.  There is nothing to change or fix.

Maybe in the painting you are busy doing something that will, in time, change the look of the painting.  That’s fine.  But the whole painting itself does not need to change right now in this moment.

Tomorrow the painting may look different.  Give the painting permission to look the way it will look tomorrow.

Yesterday the painting looked different.  Give the painting permission to look the way it looked yesterday.

Give the painting of your life permission to be what it is.

And give all those other paintings on the museum wall, all those other people’s lives, permission to be what they are.

Those other paintings do not threaten you.

In a museum, is an Impressionist painting threatened by a Surrealist painting?

The paintings do not threaten each other.  They are just different. 

Imagine your life as a painting in a museum.  Let it be what it is.  Can you see its beauty?  Can you see the beauty even in its flaws and so-called imperfections?

In a museum, there may be portraits of individuals that people might label as “ugly.”  Yet the painter has rendered the ugly face with great beauty.  There is profound beauty in all “imperfection.”

So just let it be what it is today.  Do not try to airbrush the painting.  How dull life would be if everything were airbrushed and “perfect-looking.”

Enlightenment is very simple.  It is just letting things be what they are.  When you let go of judgment, criticism, and shame, everything becomes beautiful.