mastering your fear part 2

Today we ask that you learn to observe — and if possible, reduce — your level of fear at any given moment.

This is an extremely useful, life-altering skill.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much fear are you feeling in your body at this moment?

Usually a number will jump to mind.

If not, quiet your mind, and check in with your body.  Is there tension in your muscles, particularly in the neck and shoulders?  Does your belly feel tight?  Are you fidgety?  Do you have difficulty focusing?  How is your digestion?  How well did you sleep last night?

Check in with your body.  Observe on a scale of 1 to 10 how much fear, how much tension, how much stress you feel in your body at this moment.  Be honest with yourself.   You may be surprised to find that the number is higher than you would have expected.

Most people experience fear constantly.  They do not know what it is like even to have a low level of fear in the body.

If you dedicated your whole life to doing nothing but learning to reduce the level of fear in your body, and help others reduce fear in theirs, this would be a life extremely well-lived.

Fear has its place.  Sometimes truly dangerous situations arise, and you must respond accordingly.

For the most part, however, modern humans are experiencing fear in a very toxic way.

Fear impedes growth.  Fear blocks creativity.  Fear blocks the flow of fertility, and abundance.

Fear triggers aggression, violence, and warfare.  Fear is the root cause of the majority of human disease, especially in developed countries.

What’s more, humans are addicted to fear.  Humans like to watch violent or horrific movies and TV shows.  They like to watch “the news,” which focuses on fearful events in the world.  Watching these things actually increases the level of fear in the human body.

If you have any blockage or sickness in any area of your life, it would be extremely wise for you to start consciously monitoring your fear level, and for you to learn to reduce your fear level, at will.  Every human would benefit immensely from this practice.

All forms of human communication, interaction, and decision-making would be vastly improved if people simply learned how to reduce their fear levels.

How do you reduce your fear level?

Any form of meditation will promote a relaxed, focused awareness, and reduce fear in the body.

Practices like yoga, tai chi, and qigong reduce fear in the body.

Energy work and massage therapy reduce fear in the body.

A good therapist can help with fear reduction.  However, sometimes “talk therapy” can inadvertently increase fear.  It really depends on the therapist.  Notice if your fear level generally rises or drops in relation to the therapist.

Never make an important decision when your fear level is at a “5” or higher.  

Do not attempt creative work when your fear level is at a “5” or higher.

EFT, a form of tapping acupressure points, is a quick and effective fear reduction technique.

The Work of Byron Katie reduces fear in the body by questioning and dissipating fearful beliefs about reality.

If you did nothing else this holiday but focus on monitoring your fear level, and learning to reduce it at will, you would automatically create a much better life for yourself in the year to come.