tapping into inexhaustible power

Today we ask that you let go of the belief in limited resources.

This is very difficult for humans, for you are neurologically predisposed to believe and perceive that your resources are limited.

And yet this is an illusion.

It is true that for lower life forms in your world, the pattern of existence is dominated by fierce competition for limited resources.  Insects, fish, mammals — all compete, often violently, for limited resources.  They must hunt for food.  They establish territories, which they defend to the death.  This is the world that Darwin described: “the survival of the fittest.”

Humans are not so far removed from the animal kingdom, and most humans live life along this pattern.  Man competes with his brother for limited resources.  Only a few can “make it to the top,” while the rest must scratch out a living with sweat and misery.  “He who dies with the most toys, wins.”

And so the human animal is a very unhappy beast.  Scratching and clawing his way to the top of the heap — until the younger, newer model comes along to supplant him.  He wages war against his brother, and teaches his children to do the same.

For man to evolve, he can and must transcend this ancient pattern.

Your resources are not limited.  Not in the way you think.

Certain forms of matter are limited.  There is only so much gold and diamonds and fossil fuel buried beneath the surface of the earth, it is true.  As long as humans compete for these, and destroy the earth to do so, man remains stuck in the animal kingdom, where Darwin’s grim rules apply.

Energy itself, however, is unlimited.

Humans are beginning to discover this.  Solar energy is unlimited.  The energy of wind, of the movement of the tides, of geothermal forces — these are unlimited.  Other unlimited sources have yet to be discovered.

Even “money” itself, which is perceived as the ultimate limited resource, is really not.  It is a made-up thing.  Where does “money” exist?  It is not attached to matter — it is not gold, it is not oil.  It is an invention of the human mind, and it has no limitation.

You must begin now to think of yourself as possessing unlimited resources.

This does not mean, squander and waste what is precious.  You must be good stewards of your world, and make wise and caring decisions.

The ultimate unlimited resource is that which flows to you from the spiritual plane.  Like the light of the sun, this energy is a constant, and is always available to you.

To access this unlimited resource, you must stop putting energy into the competitive hunt against your brother for the limited resources of the planet, and building up your little castles and being little kings.

You must work with your brother to tap into sources of energy that are truly inexhaustible, and available to everyone.

This can begin now, in your daily life.  Instead of living in a state of misery and frustration because of limitation, instead of believing that you must compete with your brother in a dog-eat-dog world, begin to see reality in a new way.

Every one of you has access to an unlimited resource.

This is the spiritual dimension.  It is the voice of your higher self.  It can be accessed not by going out and struggling to consume and dominate in the matter-world, but rather by turning inward in meditation.  When you turn inward, you will discover a source of energy that is inexhaustible.

This is the great transition mankind currently finds itself in.  Man must move from the old animal way of fighting and killing for limited resources, to the new way of working in harmony to tap into that which is unlimited and inexhaustible.  This is how mankind will transcend the limits of the earthly realm, and travel to the stars.  

This is an exciting time.  The transition begins with you, now.  Let go of the old ways, even if they are instinctive.  Your resources are not limited.  It is only the belief that they are, that makes it so.  Go inward, and connect with the source of inexhaustible energy.