believe in magic

Today we ask that you not lose your faith.

“Faith” is a very misunderstood word, with negative connotations for many.  So perhaps better than “faith” is simply “belief in goodness.”

Humans believe in all kinds of things, for better or worse.  But the belief we describe is the belief that there is an underlying goodness and wholeness to reality.

As children, most people naturally believe in this wholeness and goodness.  Children believe in fairy tales, and myths.  They believe in happy endings.  They believe that heroes prevail, and that noble hearts find true love.  

But children soon “grow up.”  They become cynical, bitter, jaded, nihilistic.  The more idealistic you are to begin with, the more painful it is to be confronted by all the injustice, misery, and suffering of the human condition.  

Most people experience traumatic events in life.  They experience pain, loss, grief, sickness, suffering, heartbreak, and despair.

How can any intelligent person continue to have a child-like belief in the goodness of reality, after living long enough on this planet?

How can you stay innocent?

Innocent people are ignorant fools.  Just wait until reality kicks them around — they’ll see how bad this world really is.

A wise parent needs to toughen up a child for the brutality that awaits him in life.  A wise parent is “cruel to be kind.”  Because the world is cruel, and it is best for a child to discover this sooner rather than later.

Oh, but this is not true.  It is not true.  It is not true, any of it.

This is so difficult to understand, especially for those of you who have experienced deep trauma, or abuse.

But reality is good.  It is good.  It is just that you cannot really perceive what is going on, most of the time.

Imagine a character in a book, or a movie.  The character is caught up in the drama.  He may experience a great deal of stress, misery and trauma.

But the reader or the viewer has a wider perspective.  You may have even seen this movie before, and you know how it ends.  Sometimes, a happy ending is on its way, and you know this even if the characters do not.

From the spiritual perspective, that is how it is for all of you.  You are characters in your movies, caught up in your daily dramas and traumas.  But every one of you will come to a happy end.  

All of you will leave your physical bodies.  And although most of you are taught to fear and dread physical death, to see it as an annihilation, a snuffing out, it is in truth the “happy ending” that awaits every life form.

This does not mean you are doomed to suffer and be miserable until you die.  Not at all.

Rather it is meant to place your trials and tribulations within a larger context.  To open up your perception, so that you can begin to identify more with the “audience” of your personal story, rather than the suffering lead character caught up in all the drama.

And if you could simply believe in this, with all the innocence of a child — if you could have faith that underlying all your daily sturm and drang is a deeper reality of peace, joy, and goodness that transcends your individual identity and lifetime — then you would experience much more joy while you are alive. 

It is true.  It really is true.  Believe in this “magic.”  Even if you have suffered loss and heartbreak, believe.  Believe.

No matter how lost and alone you may sometimes feel, you are not alone, and you are always loved.  If you believe in this, if you believe in what may be invisible to the eye, but felt in the heart… then magical things can happen in your life.  Truly, they can.  

And it is okay if you do not believe this.  You, too, will have a happy ending — whether you believe in it, or not.