celebrate the body

Today we ask that you focus on and celebrate your physical body.

The physical body is a wondrous thing.  Human science is nowhere near replicating it.  It is highly complex, and beautifully fine-tuned.

In a previous post, we compared the body to a Stradivarius violin.  It is truly a precious, priceless instrument.

Many people in this time are learning to treat their bodies with more love and care, in terms of nourishment and exercise.

But still, people tend to be at best unkind to their bodies, and at worst viciously cruel.

Your physical body is doing its absolute best.

It is doing its absolute best.

This is true if you are sick, injured, have chronic health problems, or are overweight.

Your body really is doing its best.  

Consider the horse.  

Think of a horse that lives in the country on a farm, breathes fresh air, is well-fed and well cared for, with plenty of room to run around and stretch its legs.

Probably you imagine a healthy horse, with a glossy coat and mane.

Now think of an old-fashioned workhorse, poorly fed, pulling a wagon all day, whipped and yelled at.

Probably you imagine an unhealthy horse, with a rough coat and sagging skin.

Which horse do you feel closer to?

If you identify with the workhorse, then perhaps it is not surprising that your physical body may have difficulty keeping up with your demands and criticism.

Be kind to your body.

Be kind to your body.

Your body is the seat of your mind.  Do you think it is possible for the mind to think clearly in a chronically ill, malnourished, or exhausted body?

It is not possible.

Give your body a break.  Let it stretch its legs, and breathe fresh air.  Feed it nourishing food, and give it love.

If you make great demands on your physical system, then investigate ways to help your body meet these demands with food, healthy supplements, and exercise.

If you are a racehorse, treat your body accordingly.  The owner of a racehorse makes sure his animal is extremely well cared for, if he wise.  After all, the racehorse is a major investment.

You only have one body in this lifetime, so for you, this is a major investment.  Treat it well.  Feed it well.  Do not abuse it.

And know that whatever it is doing at this moment is truly its best, under the circumstances.  Your body always does its best.  Be kind to it.