don't take yourself too seriously

Today we ask that you take nothing seriously.

Truly, nothing.

If you look at men who cause great harm to others, always you will see that they take themselves very seriously.  Tyrants and dictators take themselves so seriously that they will murder anyone who disagrees with them.

The world is full of little dictators.  In every office and home, you may find a little dictator.

Sometimes you may even be a little dictator yourself.

You’re so intent on proving your rightness and superiority that you lose any sense of humor or perspective.  

Little children do this, when they throw tantrums.  They may scream about getting to eat the ice cream or how it’s unfair that their brother gets to do something and they don’t.  They take their affairs very seriously.  It feels like life or death to them, whether they get that ice cream or not.  

Part of growing up is learning to laugh at yourself in such moments, and not to take things too seriously.

You may protest: “Well, what about big important issues facing the world today.  Surely people must take those things seriously.”

Do not take those things seriously, either.

That does not mean, be complacent or do nothing.

It just means, have a  light touch.  It is no coincidence that some of the most politically persuasive individuals of your time are TV comedians who take great delight at poking fun at those who take themselves too seriously.

So next time you are very worked up and angry and heated over some issue, consider for a moment how silly you look.  Making your angry, tense face, insisting that your demands be heard.

This does not mean you should invalidate your feelings or your needs.  It just asks you to put things into correct perspective.

One of the best things to be in this world is a Holy Fool.

Blessed is the being who easily laughs at himself.