Today we ask that you know you are lucky to be you.

Humans are always wishing that they were someone else, or had some other person’s life or experiences.  They think, “Life would be easy, if I were so-and-so.”

Usually, they want to trade places with someone who is rich, or successful, or famous, or beautiful according to their culture’s values.  It does not matter if they hear celebrity gossip describing such people as troubled or unhappy.  

Or else they envy someone they know.  Some person in their sphere who appears to “have all the luck.”  Someone whose life appears to be better and easier and more rewarding than yours, by comparison.

This is all very crazy.

When you imagine that your life would be better if you traded places with someone, this is all based on false assumptions and projections.  You cannot know what it is like to inhabit someone else’s skin.

Here is what would happen if your wish were granted, and you were given someone else’s life today:

At first, you might enjoy the change.

But you would still be you.  And all the ways you are neurotic, all your fears and judgments, your story about yourself, your beliefs about life and other people — they would all follow you.

And so, in a surprisingly short time, whatever your current baseline level of joy or misery is — that pattern would reestablish itself in the new identity.  

Is this clear?  However you typically feel on a day-to-day basis right now — that is how you would feel if a genie came and gave you the life you’ve been wishing for.

That is why if you crave a more enjoyable life, the place to put your energy is into your own consciousness.

What if you were someone who believed: 

“I am lucky to be me.”

Imagine feeling this way.  Perhaps you do feel this way, some of the time.

How is this true?  How is it true that you are lucky to be you?  Singularly You, and no other person.

“I am lucky to be me.”

Can you write down ten reasons why it might be true, that you are lucky to be you?

If you followed this practice every day, pretty soon you would start to believe it.

And then you would be living the life of someone who believes “I am lucky to be me.”

If you are someone who believes this, you will stop envying other people.

Try to find ten reasons, even silly reasons, why you are lucky to be you.

No matter how you are feeling at this moment, if you can write down ten reasons why you are lucky to be you…

… you will feel better.

And just from creating that little space, that little room to love yourself as you are, so much energy can and will flow to you.

You are lucky to be you.