don't feed the ghosts

Today we ask that you put dead things to rest.

Humans have always had a great fascination with ghosts and spirits, haunted houses, and demons.

But most people do not understand what these things are.

A “haunted house,” for example, is really just a place, often an older place, that has a accumulated a lot of negative psychic residue over the years.

When a human inhabits a space, he sheds skin cells.  His presence creates dust, and dirt, in addition to the natural entropy of any location.   A healthy human therefore will regularly clean his space, just as he regularly cleans his body.

A human also sheds psychic energy into the space where he lives — including distorted energies of fear, anger, hatred, paranoia, etc.  

These energies can accumulate over time and take on a life of their own.  In extreme cases, they manifest as a “haunting.”

The intelligent action to take when you are in a “haunted” environment is to clean the energy.  The house needs to be aired out.

One way to do this is to imagine in your mind that all the distorted energies in this place are being laid to rest, and released into the light of pure spirit.  Meditate on this.  That is the intelligent thing to do in a haunted house.

Sometimes people are haunted.  They are weighted down by the ghosts of the past.  This distorted psychic energy drains their life force, and creates physical and mental sickness.

When you encounter such a person, you pray that the distorted energy within that person be laid to rest, and released into the light of pure spirit.  That is the intelligent thing to do when you encounter a haunted person.

What is not intelligent is to “feed the ghosts.”

Sometimes people are obsessed with the paranormal, and so unwittingly feed distorted energies — as in a haunted house, for example.  They give those energies their attention, and so the energy intensifies.  

The same thing happens with “haunted people.”  When you encourage a haunted person in his obsession with ghosts and grievances from the past, you are actually feeding the distorted energy and perpetuating it.

Let what is dead rest.  Clean your house.  Clean out the dust and cobwebs.  Clean out the dust and cobwebs from your mind.

Do not give too much thought to ghosts and demons.  If you encounter such energy, the intelligent thing to do is to ask that it be laid to rest, and released into the light of pure spirit.  Don’t try to capture such energy with a camera and put it on the internet.  That will only feed it and perpetuate it.  

It is the same with all your personal ghosts and demons.  If you want peace, release them into the light.  Don’t put them on the internet.  Don’t keep feeding them your attention.