disrupt your patterns

Today we ask that you learn to disrupt your patterns.

When it comes to efforts at “manifestation,” the general reason this practice does not work for people is because whatever it is they are attempting to “manifest” is outside their pattern.

A pattern is like a sewing pattern, or a blueprint.  It lays out the shape of something to be created.

Let’s say you have a sewing pattern for a t-shirt.  If you follow this pattern, you will create a t-shirt.  However, you will not create a dress.

If you are attempting to “manifest” a dress, but you have a sewing pattern for a t-shirt, you are not going to get a dress.

People tend to be very pattern-oriented.  In fact, what you think of as a personality, or ego identity, is just a complex pattern.

Genetic engineers understand that biology arises out of the complex patterns of DNA.

Your experience of reality arises out of the complex pattern of your total consciousness, including the unconscious bulk of your psyche.  This is shaped by your encoded belief systems, which are the “genes” of your psyche.

Just as biology follows the genetic pattern, your reality experience follows your belief system pattern.

Let’s say that your persona is one of the “Conscientious Martyr” pattern.  You believe that being virtuous, responsible, and caring means that you should always be doing things for other people, often at the cost of your own well-being.

That’s your sewing pattern.  And it’s going to continually reproduce experiences that reinforce your “Martyr” identity.

The same goes if you’re a “Tortured Artist,” a “Control Freak,” an “Emotion Suppressor,” a “Drama Queen,” an “Unrequited Romantic,” a “Persecuted Victim,” and so on.  

The Tortured Artist will have experiences that reinforce that identity.  So will the Control Freak, the Emotion Suppressor, the Drama Queen, the Unrequited Romantic, and the Persecuted Victim.

T-shirt patterns make t-shirts.  If you’re a Drama Queen, you’re going to make a lot of drama.

The only way to change this is by disrupting the pattern.

Sometimes a major illness, accident, or natural disaster can serve as a big pattern disruptor for people.

However, it is possible to achieve pattern disruption in less turbulent ways.  This requires stepping outside the box of your persona, which most people are not aware is even possible.

Look at your personality, as if you were a character in a story.  Look at your patterns, your habits, the masks you most often wear.  Look at your reactive impulses.  Look at the areas in your life that are sources of suffering and blockage.

Stepping outside of your story and justifications for doing what you do, can you draw a line between the pattern of your persona — your “type” — and your life experiences?  It may be easier for you to do this when you look at earlier versions of yourself: perhaps when you were an adolescent, for example.

If you desire different life experiences, you must disrupt your patterns, your habits — what you think of as “You.”

There was once an episode of the show “Seinfeld” about this, in which the neurotic “George Costanza” character decided to do the opposite of everything he’d ordinarily do.  Where he would usually say “Yes,” he’d say “No,” and vice versa.  As a result, his life changed dramatically, and he enjoyed his life experience much more.  This is an example of “pattern disruption.”

If you are struggling in your life, look to ways that you can “pattern disrupt.”  Do things differently, even if it makes you uncomfortable.  This will free up an enormous amount of energy, and change your life experience in new and exciting ways.