do not resist change

Today we ask that you do not resist change.

Things change.  This is at the heart of your reality.  Everything changes.  Sometimes very quickly, like water boiling into steam.  Sometimes very slowly, like a mountain eroding into dust.  

Change is necessary.  A baby must become a toddler.  A child must become a teenager.  An elderly person must leave the physical body at death.  There is no stopping this progression.  Time marches on.

Animals and humans often react to change with fear, and resistance.  This causes a lot of suffering, since there is no stopping the force of change.

One thing you cannot do is return to an earlier state of development.  It is very tempting to want to regress into a nostalgic image of an earlier time period.  That is because earlier times feel safe, and known.  But this is an illusion.  You will not find safety in a “simpler time.”  When was this “simpler time,” really?  Were humans particularly safe in that time?

What people are truly nostalgic for is not a simpler time, but a simpler consciousness.  People yearn to recover lost innocence, and lead lives of less complexity.

But complexity is a state of mind.  If you have a complex consciousness, you cannot escape it no matter where you go.  You could live in a cabin in the remote wilderness and still bring all your complexity with you.  That is why people go mad in remote cabins.

So life cannot be “fixed” by regressing to an earlier stage of development, no matter what you may believe.

Change always comes.

It is good to learn to embrace change.  That requires humans to learn to accept a certain level of discomfort — for change is not a comfortable process.

A caterpillar forms a chrysalis, liquefies, and is reconstituted into a butterfly.  This is not comfortable.

A snake sheds its old skin.  When the skin is freshly shed, the snake is very soft and vulnerable in its new skin.  This is not comfortable.

With humans, there is a lot of fear around the discomfort of change, and this tends to increase with age.  That is why older people are often highly resistant to change.

Animals do not really have the ability to resist change.

Humans, however, often try to use their minds to help them resist change.  A great deal of conflict, suffering and drama arises out of this.

Acting out of change-resistant fear, humans often make foolish, destructive decisions.

Many relationships are destroyed because people cannot accept that other people change.

Many wars have been started because the leaders of men resist change.

Imagine if a caterpillar refused to change into a butterfly, or if a snake refused to shed its skin.  

What would happen?  Pressure would build.  The creature would actually suffer much more because of its resistance to change, than it would have if it had just gone with the flow to begin with.  And the change would eventually come no matter how much the creature resisted.  

Perhaps you can see that humans cause and experience a lot of suffering in precisely this way.

Change, with humans, always involves moving from a constricted state, into a more expansive state.  Being a baby is, at a certain point, a constricted state.  The baby must expand into the toddler.  Being a sick elderly person is a constricted state.  The being must expand out of this, through physical death.

Embrace change, even with all its discomfort.  Let the life force move through you, and transform you.  Grow.  Expand.  Do not listen to the Voice of Fear, which tries to keep you in a constricted state.

Change is coming.  You can go with it, or you can kick and scream and make a big drama out of it.  It is your choice.