Today we ask that you own your power.

Humans often live life from a place of powerlessness.  That is because they have been taught to believe that real power always lies outside of them.

“I don’t have power.  My parents do.”

“I don’t have power.  My spouse does.”

“I don’t have power.  My children do.”

“I don’t have power.  My boss does.”

“I don’t have power.  The government does.”

“I don’t have power.  My illness does.”

“I don’t have power.  The doctors do.”

“I don’t have power.  The corporations do.”

“I don’t have power.  The rich people do.”

“I don’t have power.  The secret conspiracies do.”

“I don’t have power.  God does.”

On and on it goes.  It would seem that everyone has power — except you.  Your spouse, your children — even your dog may have more power than you think you do.

So many people believe.

And so they shuffle through life like weary slaves, doing things they don’t want to do.  They can’t do what they want, because they are powerless.  That’s just how it is.

Do you know the difference between a powerful human and a powerless human?

Powerful humans are not powerful because they are born that way, or because they are a particular gender or race, or because they were born into a family with lots of money — no matter what you believe.

Powerful people are powerful simply because they believe they are powerful.  

That is all that makes a powerful person powerful.  

A powerful person does not live in constant fear of everyone and everything else that is more powerful than he is.

A powerful person knows that he has as much power as anyone else.  And that has nothing to do with what he looks like or how much money he has.

One thing a powerful person knows how to do is to quietly, firmly say “No.”

Powerful people can say “No.”

They do not have to scream “NOOOOOOOO!!!!!”  That is what you do when you believe you are powerless, and you have to scream and throw a tantrum to be heard.

Powerful people can strongly, firmly say “No.”  “No, I won’t do that.”  “Yes, I will do this.”

People who believe they are powerless are always mixing up Yes and No.  They say “Yes” when they mean “No,” and “No” when they mean “Yes.”

You have power.

You have power.

You have the power to say “No.”

And you have the power to say “Yes.”

Your parents, or people who hurt you in the past, are not more powerful than you, nor have they ever been.  

Teachers, lawyers, doctors, bankers, politicians, clergymen, your boss, your ex, your spouse, your children…

None of these people are more powerful than you.

The government, corporations, secret corrupt conspiracies…

None of this is more powerful than you.

God is not more powerful than you.  There is no angry deity with a beard in the sky who is going to smite you for your sins.  That deity is a made-up story, no different from Zeus or Thor.

God is within you.  If God is within you, God cannot be more powerful than you.  For you are God, and God is you.  It is simple mathematics.  If God is within you, then you are no more and no less powerful than God.

It is really just a matter of believing.