why wishes do and don't come true

Today we ask that you be careful about what you wish for.

It is an old saying, and has some truth to it.

Reality is a highly plastic, fluid, interactive medium that adapts to consciousness.

There is no separation between your consciousness, your energy field, and what appears to be external reality.

There is no hard line between you, other beings, and the world.  It is all a continuum.  All a matter of degree.

For example, say you have a pet cat.  You and your pet cat have an energetic relationship in which there is a consciousness continuum between You, and The Cat.

On side is You.  On the other side is The Cat.  But between you is a space that contains some You-ness, and some Cat-ness.  It is an energetic field that links You, and the The Cat, and contains a mixture of both your energies.

That is why often you may come home and find your cat waiting for you at the door.   People who observe cats going to wait at the front door see that they do so often several minutes before their owners arrive.  That is because Owner and Cat are energetically linked.

So what is this all about?  It is an illustration of the plasticity and fluidity of reality.  As quantum physicists understand, you cannot separate the Observer from the Observed.  Conscious observation changes the nature of matter itself on a very subtle level.

Many people talk about “manifestation,” and they are tangentially referring to this phenomenon.  Understood simply, manifestation is the act of wishing for something, and finding that the wish comes true, often in a mysterious, non-causal manner.

People frequently get frustrated in their attempts to “manifest,” because they do not get what they want.  And then they lose faith and say the whole thing is nonsense.

The problem is that people tend to think about manifestation in terms of Newtonian physics, but really it is a quantum effect.

In Newtonian physics, there is simple causality.  A triggers B triggers C.  In quantum physics, things are non-causal.  A triggers B triggers X.  This is a very simplistic description.  But is accounts for why many people who want to manifest “C” instead wind up with “X.”

Really the issue is that what you think of as “You” is only the tip of a vast iceberg that is the total “You Consciousness Field,” some of which is outside you and mingled with your cat and your boyfriend and your parents.

The tip of the iceberg may make wishes until it is blue in the face.  But if the rest of the iceberg isn’t on board, something else will happen.  That is because reality, in all its plasticity, responds to the whole iceberg, not just the tip.

To put it simply, if you wish to get a promotion at work (the tip of the iceberg), but you also believe that  “You’re worthless and don’t deserve nice things” (the rest of the iceberg), the promotion will not be forthcoming.  Reality will respond to what most of the iceberg is saying, not the tip.

That is why in order to effect powerful positive change in your life experience, you must go beneath the surface of the waves of consciousness and see what the big submerged part of your iceberg is up to.  What do you really believe?  Are there energies within your consciousness field that don’t even belong to you, but really belong to your parents or family?  Those parts may not be on board with your wishes.

Furthermore, if your wish comes from a desire for ego gratification, rather than heart and spirit, you may get what you wish for, but it will energetically backfire in some way.

For example: you may get the promotion, but the new job responsibilities only make you stressed and miserable.  That way, the big part of your iceberg that believes “You are worthless and don’t deserve nice things” will be satisfied.  

Delving into the submerged part of the iceberg is tricky, subtle work.  But it can have an enormous impact on your life experience.  Just be mindful in this work, and make sure it is connected to your heart and spirit.

This is not to make you frightened and superstitious about your thoughts.  Thinking “I’m scared of getting cancer” does not mean you are going to manifest cancer.  It is not so simplistic and causal as all that.

However, carrying around a lot of self-hating, shame-based beliefs directed toward your physical body can, over a long period of time, trigger physical illness.  Is such a thing really all that surprising?

Beliefs about shame, guilt, and worthlessness are massive energetic blocks.  If the submerged part of your iceberg is steeped with shame energy, the little tip of your iceberg can wish for joyful experiences all year long, and never feel like it gets what it wants.

There is no human being alive on this planet who is worthless.  Even the worst criminal is not worthless.  Chances you are not a terrible criminal.  So all that shame you may carry around is something you must drop, because shame has a way of warping reality.

That is why you must be careful what you wish for — if you are someone who carries around a lot of shame and self-hatred.

If you really, truly love yourself, and are in alignment with your heart and spirit — then wish away!  Miraculous things can and do happen.