resist entropy

Today we ask that you resist entropy.  

Entropy is the force that causes things to break down into lower stages of development and energy.  It is the force that breaks down complex patterns into a formless mess.  

Entropy is always with you.  It is the dust that accumulates in your home.  It is the mildew in your bathroom.  It is the pile of unpaid bills and clutter on your desk.  It is the bacteria that forms in your mouth when you do not brush your teeth.  It is the muscle that atrophies because you do not exercise it.  It is the root of the aging process.  It causes all things to break down and decay.

It is a part of life, in your reality.  It is not evil.  It has its place and purpose.

However, it is important to resist entropy.

Life wishes to grow into ever more complex and beautiful patterns.  If you do not resist entropy, then such patterns cannot take shape.  Things cannot grow and evolve in an atmosphere of excessive entropy.

At the same time, if you found yourself in a low entropy external environment — let’s say a place in which robots did all the cleaning, fed and clothed you, and you were required to do nothing more than watch TV or play video games all day — another form of entropy would set in.  You would atrophy mentally and physically.  

So you see, entropy is everywhere.  It is a constant.

It is the resistance to entropy that causes life to develop in such beautiful and complex patterns.  The life force has a natural strong resistance to entropy.  Life wants to live, to grow, to expand, in spite of the entropic force which continually erodes it.

It is good, in life, to align yourself with the life force, and not the entropic force.

The entropic force can also be called the death force.  Again, it is not evil.  It is a part of the balance of things.

Aligning yourself with the life force means actively resisting entropy.

So — you brush your teeth, and clean your home, and feed your body nourishing food.  You exercise.  All these things align yourself with the life force, by resisting entropy.

People who surrender to entropy stop taking care of themselves.  A drug addict, for example, surrenders to entropy.  Anyone dealing with addiction is surrendering to entropy.  Anyone who knowingly causes harm to himself or others is surrendering to the entropic force.

Some days, it is relatively easy to resist the entropic force.  Other days, it seems nearly impossible.  This happens to everyone.

The main thing is to resist.  Even just a little bit.  Even the smallest bit of resistance against the entropic force is enough to set you back on the path of life, growth, and expansiveness.

In life, you will encounter individuals who have essentially allied themselves with the entropic force.  People who knowingly exploit others, who knowingly destroy the environment, who exist to tear down and attack other people’s good work, who constantly speak words of attack, hopelessness, and futility — such people are effectively functioning as agents of entropy.

Fortunately, in this world at the present time there are more people on the side of the life force than the entropic force, even if the margin seems narrow.  And that is why humanity evolves as it does, and consciousness and tolerance expands.  

So please resist entropy.  Resist, even if you are weary of doing so.  Like with any exercise, the more you resist, the stronger your muscles become.  Make your anti-entropic muscles very strong.  Then you can really start to create in this world.