how to make choices

Today we ask that you learn to make high-vibrational choices.

What does this mean?

In life, you are constantly faced with choices.  They may be small choices, like what to eat, or what to wear.  Or they may be major choices, like what career to choose, or whom to marry.

Such dilemmas can be very challenging.

When faced with such a choice, it is good to focus in on the vibrational frequency of each potential path.

A very broad example would be:

You must choose between eating a heavy, processed dessert, or fresh organic fruit.

Clearly in this case, one choice is more high-vibrational than the other.  The pull toward the heavy, processed dessert is coming from a compulsive, addictive place.  You know it will not make you feel as good as eating the fresh fruit.  So even if it may be a tough choice if you are experiencing cravings, the high-vibrational option is clear.  

Many choices are like this, where one path is clearly more high-vibrational, or healthy, than the other.

Other choices can be more subtle.  Perhaps you must choose something to wear.  These choices may vary from day to day.  Some days it is very important for the body to be in loose, comfortable clothing.  At other moments you may wish to adorn yourself in a way that is distinctive to your personal energy, that may be somewhat less comfortable.

The main thing here is to look at your motivation.  Are you wearing what you wear as an expression of self-love, or fear and insecurity?  Are you wearing things that cause you pain and discomfort in order to “make yourself more desirable”?  That is not a high-vibrational choice.

Sometimes you do not have enough information to make a clear choice.  That is why it is often wise to get a “second opinion” in the case of a medical diagnosis.  Sometimes you are not aware of alternatives that may be more high-vibrational, so seeking counsel from different points of view can be useful.  Often if you are feeling stuck in a dilemma, it is because you require additional information.

Other times, when you are stuck, it is because of the Voice of Fear.  You actually do have a sense of the path, but the Voice is Fear undermines your resolve.

This can often be the case when you wish to leave an unhealthy situation, like a job or relationship that is not harmonious for you.  You know the high-vibrational path, but fear blocks the movement.  You talk yourself out of it.

Sometimes it is good to do this exercise:

I choose to do ___________ because I want __________.

It is good to write this down.

For example:

I choose to go on this vacation because I want to relax.

Relaxation is usually a high-vibrational motive.  Just make sure that when you go on this vacation, you really do allow yourself to relax!

Another example is:

I choose to return my mother’s call right now, even though I am busy and stressed, because I want to not feel guilty or make her mad at me.

That is not a high-vibrational motive.   Little good will come out of such a call.  You will be tense, resentful, and distracted.  Your mother will not truly benefit from this interaction.

This exercise will help you examine your motives.  Looking at your motives can help determine the high-vibrational choice.

There is no need to become neurotic about this.  While following this practice can improve your well-being, you must know that you really cannot go wrong in this life.

Also, there are many events on your life path that are foreordained — agreed to before you were born, that is.  These events will unfold non-causally.  That is to say, your decisions have no impact on these events.

You may think of this as similar to playing a board game.  Though you roll the dice, and make choices, you are on a set path to some degree, and will sooner or later hit certain markers.  You will all end the game in physical death.  That is certain.

While certain events on your path are fixed, in the realm of the day-to-day there is more fluidity.  Making high-vibrational choices will create far more enjoyment around the life experience.

On one hand, it is very wise to take actions mindfully, and consciously.

On the other hand, it is wise to let go and relax, and trust that everything is unfolding perfectly.

In between these lies a very happy balance.