think less, do more

Today we ask that you stop overthinking.

Overthinking is a major energetic block for most people.

Humans aren’t born overthinking.  It’s a learned process.  A bad habit, really.  It’s a good thing that humans aren’t born overthinking.  If babies and toddlers thought too much, they’d never learn to walk or talk or do much of anything.

Children are taught to overthink, by overthinking adults.  It’s like a neurological computer virus that spreads from mind to mind, and makes the human consciousness quite buggy and inefficient.  Like a slow computer.

Overthinking means you are continually at war with a Voice in your head.

You wish to do something.  The Voice gives you reasons why you shouldn’t do that thing.  Usually fear-based reasons.  You become paralyzed, tentative, uncertain.

Imagine if a robot were programmed to overthink every decision.

If you commanded the robot to, let’s say, pick an object up off the floor, a simultaneous counterprogram would tell the robot not to pick the object off up the floor.  

The poor robot would be paralyzed.  Steam would come out of its ears.  

This is the state many humans find themselves in.  They want to do something, but at the same time they do not want to do something.

As soon as they contemplate an action, a fear-based countering Voice tells them all the reasons why they should not take this action.  In order to do anything, they must first argue with, and defeat, the countering Voice.  A huge amount of energy is wasted in this process.

Stop overthinking.

Notice how often you overthink.  How often you contemplate taking an action, then meet with a countering Voice of fear and resistance.

“I would like to meditate.”

The Voice counters: “You don’t have time!”

“I would like to travel.”

The Voice counters: “You don’t have time or money!”

“I would like to be open to a new romantic relationship.”

The Voice counters: “You will only be hurt and rejected!”

Sound familiar?

This Voice likes to say that it is your friend, and is only trying to keep you safe.  But in reality, it is not helping you at all.  It is just wasting your time and energy.

It is only keeping you blocked, stuck, depleted, and paralyzed.

“Stop overthinking” really means “Stop listening to the Voice of Fear and Doubt.”

This is generally a process of unlearning.  You must return to a state of playful openness and curiosity that is much more child-like.  This is why children are capable of learning and advancing so rapidly.  They have not yet learned to be paralyzed by fear and self-doubt.

The first step in this process is just to notice how often you experience paralysis and indecision when it comes time to take an action.  How much mental arguing goes on?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much would you say you overthink?

Please do not judge yourself, if you are an “overthinker.”  It is a learned habit.  Most likely you have been around parents, teachers, or other influential figures who have taught you that it is prudent, sensible and responsible to overthink everything.

Just make a commitment to think less.

This may sound counterintuitive, or even foolish.  But truly, if you wish for greater happiness and fulfillment in your life, you must think less.

If you think less, you will do more.

This is absolutely true.

If you think less, you will do more.

All athletes understand this truth.  Too much thinking is an impediment to smooth and flowing action.

Think less, and you will do more.