your fear is draining your power

Today we ask that you understand that you give your power to anyone and anything you fear.

If you are someone who feels very powerless in life, it is because your fears dominate you.

This is the case for most humans.

That is why it is good for you to look at the things you fear.

Look at what you fear.

Expose the monsters in your closet to the light.

Make a list of the things you fear.

Assign a number, from 1 to 10, to express the intensity of the fear feeling.

Once the list is complete, begin to examine these fears.

Everything on your list is draining your power.

It is like you are a battery, and all these fears you are holding on to are plugged into you, draining your power.

It is like you are a computer, and all those fears are running programs, slowing your speed, draining your power.

The more fears you have, the less power and speed is available to you.

You’d like to reclaim all that power, wouldn’t you?

You could put all that power to a better purpose than running those fear programs.

One by one, sit with your fears.

The intensity of the fear feeling indicates how much power you are giving to it right now.  A “10” level fear is a big power drain.

Ask: “Is this fear really warranted, right now in this moment?”

“Right now in this moment, is this thing or person truly a threat to my well-being?”

Your thoughts may arise to protest: “Yes, it is a threat!”

Try to observe these thoughts, without allowing them to take over.  Breathe.  Calm yourself down.

Really be honest with yourself.  “Is this fear really justified, in this moment in time?”

See if you can bring the intensity of the fear down to a lower level.  

The more you shrink down your fears, the more power you reclaim.

Think of it like a game you are playing.  The more you shrink down your fears, the bigger your battery gets, and the faster your “computer” runs.  

People can be very addicted to fear.  That is why they like to watch the news so much.  “Look at all these things to be terrified of!”

And if you don’t mind feeling powerless in your life, it is okay to be dominated by fear.  You can play that.

But if you’re interested in feeling more power and strength in your existence, then the first thing to do is examine your fears, as well as the addiction to fear itself.

Every single thing you fear, you give power to.

Reclaim that power.  You can put it to a far better use.