don't make assumptions

Today we ask that you not make assumptions.

Humans are intelligent, but you are at a phase of evolution where you really aren’t as smart as you think you are.  You are like precocious children who think you know more than you do.  In truth, you know very little about the nature of reality.

So you go around making all kinds of assumptions.  You don’t really know.  You assume.  But the problem is, you believe your assumptions are true.  

Humans have assumed a great many things that are totally untrue.

Humans assumed the world was flat.

Humans assumed that certain races were superior to other races.

Humans assumed that women could not do the things that men did.

Hitler assumed that he was 100% right about everything he believed, and a lot of people agreed with him.  They all assumed Hitler was right, and didn’t question for a moment that the Nazis would win.

All of these assumptions were incorrect.

Most of the assumptions people make are incorrect.

If you are around young children, you will observe that they make assumptions based on their limited understanding.  The stories they come up to explain things may seem cute, from an adult perspective, because they are so preposterous.

The assumptions almost all adults make are no less preposterous.  They would be cute, if they weren’t so damaging.

Most of your assumptions are wrong.

Most of your assumptions about other people are wrong.

Most of your assumptions about reality are wrong.

To accept this is the height of wisdom.

Notice how often you make assumptions.  It may be quite shocking to observe how often you draw conclusive judgments based on very limited information.  

Become more scientific with yourselves.  Don’t just take someone’s word for something.  More importantly, don’t believe your own thoughts.  Don’t take your mind’s word for things; your mind can be easily fooled.  

Investigate.  Inquire.  Ask: “Is this really true?  Can I be certain of this?”

Almost all human conflict arises out of false assumptions.

Instead of assuming that you know what someone else is thinking, just ask.  Most of the time you have no idea what is going on in someone else’s head.  You are making a projection based on what is going on in your head.  

Observe the human tendency to gossip.  All gossip is based on assumptions, and almost all of those assumptions are false.

One of the healthiest things you can do in life is to stop making assumptions.  It will transform your life experience, and relieve you from a lot of unnecessary drama and conflict.