Today we ask that you choose not to listen to destructive voices.

Destructive voices present themselves internally, and externally.

Their essence is always one of attack.

Destructive voices attack.  They attack you, they attack other people, they attack reality, and they attack God.

They say, you are worthless.  Other people are worthless.  Reality is worthless.  God is worthless.

They say, you are not good enough, and you will never be good enough.  No one is good enough.  Reality isn’t good enough.  God isn’t good enough.

They say, to enjoy life is foolish and irresponsible.  Life is terrible.  You should expect only misery.  Maybe if you struggle and experience a lot of pain, you can try to make yourself safe by earning money and status.  Or else you can show you are worth something by being very virtuous and good — although, of course, you will never be good enough.

Destructive voices say, if you are bad, you will suffer eternal damnation.  They say that God does not love bad people.

Listen to people when they talk.  Notice how much of their dialogue is steeped in attack energy.

Do they constantly complain?  Do they talk about how horrible people are, and how broken the world is?

What about the voice in your own head that does this?

This destructive voice likes to say it is very smart.  But really, it is very stupid.  All destructive action arises out of listening to this voice.  Wars, murders.  Atrocities.  Crazy shootings and terrorist acts arise out of this voice.

This destructive voice is very self-righteous, very humorless.  Often it invokes “the law.”  It has “the law” on its side.  Sometimes it is religious law, sometimes it is social law.  It is always taking people to court.  It is the judge and jury, heaping condemnation on everyone.  

Do not listen to this voice!

It is wrong.  It is wrong 100% of the time.

It is wrong about everything.

If it had its way, all that is good and beautiful in this world would be destroyed.  It would make the world into a gray, empty, desolate place.

This voice despises all that is light, loving, joyful, and creative.  Like all petty dictators, it seeks to snuff out free thinkers and creative movers and shakers.  It would send them to the gulag, to the prison camp.  

Within your own mind, this voice seeks to snuff out your own creative light and energy.  When you listen to it, you find yourself in your own mental prison camp of depression and hopelessness.

Do not listen to it!

When you hear this voice speak, do not listen.  Turn off the TV, turn off the internet.  Choose not to spend time with people who are like this.

If you must spend time with family members or coworkers who are strongly rooted in the destructive voice, you must constantly remind yourself not to listen, not to believe what they are saying.  Hold on to the light within you.  Think about all that you love, all that brings you joy in this life.  Imagine a song in your mind, that makes you happy inside.

It is essential that you never argue with the destructive voice, for it feeds and grows stronger on opposition.  Tell it that it could be right.  That is all it wants to hear, anyway — that it is right about everything.  You will never reason with this voice.  So tell it that it could be right, and go about your business.  If you argue with it, you will just exhaust yourself and be further poisoned.

When it manifests in your mind, nip it in the bud.  Meditate, or count at least ten full breaths in and out.  Go for a walk outside, and look at the trees and grass.  Get out of your head, and back into your body.  Feel your feet on the ground.  Be with an animal or a young child.  Do some physical exercise.  Garden.  Listen to music.  Watch something on TV that you know to be very light and silly, that will make you laugh and lighten your heart.

Just don’t give that voice a soapbox in your mind.  When it gets going, it is very hard to shut it up.  And it will try to kill all the joy, pleasure, and creativity in your existence.  

Do not give your power to this voice, whether it is internal, or external.  Do not listen to it, even if it is your own mother or father.  Parents are often not all that wise.  It is the very rare parent who is truly wise.  If your parent is a miserable person who is always complaining and negative — feel compassion, but do not listen!  Do not believe their story about reality.

The energy of destructive voices is just as toxic to the human mind and body as chemicals, radiation, and disease.  Please limit your exposure to this energy, and work to develop your psychic immune system though meditative practices.