why you're a man, and not a monkey

Today we ask that you know you are not a monkey.

This is not an argument against evolutionary theory.  Your physical body is extremely similar to monkeys and primates.

However, you are not your physical body.  

You are a spiritual being, residing within a physical body.  You also possess an emotional body, and a mental body.  These bodies all interact together in a highly complex system that, when working harmoniously, creates a marvelous, healthy human being.

Most humans do not have physical, emotional and mental bodies that work harmoniously.  That is because they are disconnected from their spiritual selves.  Connecting with spiritual truth is like plugging into a tuning fork that tunes all the lower bodies and brings them into harmony with each other, and spirit.

Practices like meditation, qigong, and yoga are ancient methods of plugging into this spiritual tuning fork, and harmonizing the mental, emotional and physical bodies.

A healthy human is always rooted in her spiritual self.  Every action has a spiritual dimension.  She does what she does to increase well-being and consciousness not only for herself, but for all beings.

When people are disconnected from their spiritual selves, the lower bodies fall out of harmony.  They begin to act independently, and as a result the human tends to devolve, and become more ape-like.  

The physical body becomes ruled by cravings and addictions.  It desires physical comfort, sex, sugary food, drugs.  It can get very aggressive if those cravings are denied.  

The emotional body is also ruled by cravings and addictions.  It desires emotional comfort, feelings of safety, and constant reassurance.  It gets extremely agitated and hysterical if those cravings are denied.  

The mental body becomes consumed by fantasies and fearful projections.  Like the other bodies, it is obsessed with safety, for its greatest fear is death — that it will be snuffed out of existence.  It spends its time calculating ways to maximize its safety.  It usually believes this goal can be achieved by dominating others and rising to the top of the hierarchy — an ape-like belief.  It also craves physical immortality by propagating its own genetic material; creating a “dynasty.”  Its nature is cold and calculating, similar to the archetypal character of the artificial intelligence in science fiction.   When its cravings for power, security, and physical immortality are denied, it goes insane, and can be a force of terrible destruction.

Historically, human males have been more identified with the mental body, and human females are more identified with the emotional body.  Without connection to the spiritual center, humans tend to fall into archetypal male/female roles — the cold, dominating male; the shrewish, needy female, etc.  

This is what happens when the lower bodies are disconnected from the spiritual self.  Humans become ape-like, driven by their cravings, impulses, the will to dominate, and an insane desire to escape physical death.  

It is impossible to truly experience life as a full human being without some sense of a greater spiritual consciousness.  This has nothing to do with religion.  Many religious people are not spiritual at all, and many spiritual people do not subscribe to any particular religion.

Being spiritual just means being conscious that you are here on this planet to do more than satisfy your primal impulses for security, comfort, and dominance over others.  It means you are not a monkey.  You are a Man.  

Learn to notice when you are being taken over by your lower bodies — whether physical, emotional, or mental.  

You must learn to take care of your lower bodies, the way a good parent takes care of children.  You must nourish and listen to your physical, emotional and mental bodies.  As if they were siblings, you must love them all, and let no one of them dominate or suppress the others (it is common for the mental body to suppress the physical and emotional bodies, which is a major cause of illness).  

But all the lower bodies must serve your spiritual core.  Your actions must be aligned to a higher purpose.  Then you will experience peace, joy, health and harmony in your existence.  

Mankind is at a crossroads.  It is time to evolve out of your ape-like nature, and take your place as full human beings.  Many of you are already there.  Engage in practices that harmonize your physical, emotional, and mental bodies with your spiritual self.