don't take yourself so seriously

Today we ask that you not take yourself too seriously.

Whenever you are taking yourself too seriously, this is the the prelude to a fall.

The universe likes to throw banana peels in the path of someone who takes himself too seriously.

The universe likes to send Harpo Marx to blow a horn at anyone who takes himself too seriously.

If you are incapable of laughing at yourself, this is not good.

Children having tantrums can’t laugh at themselves.  Often, adults can perceive the humor in the situation of a child who screams because he’s denied a cupcake.  But the child sees nothing funny about it.

Adults who take themselves very seriously are like little children throwing tantrums over not getting a cupcake.

And that’s okay.  Sometimes adults throw tantrums over nothing.  There’s no need to judge, or condemn — only to acknowledge that it is very childish behavior.

Of course, adults who take themselves very seriously don’t think they’re being childish at all.  They think it’s very serious!  It’s a very serious matter!

Nothing is all that serious.

Life isn’t all that serious.

Life isn’t all that serious, because death isn’t all that serious.  You believe that death is very serious.  But if you had true perception, you would see that it is not.  Death is just like taking off a worn, tight jacket.  Death is taking off a coat.  That is all it is.  No one really dies.

It is okay if you don’t believe that.  But if you did, you would stop taking life so seriously.

It is a moody adolescent thing, to take life seriously.  It is what moody teenagers do.

It is a sign of wisdom and maturity not to take yourself seriously.  Not to take life seriously.

But most people are neither wise, nor mature.  And that is okay.

Not taking yourself seriously is a key to happiness.  You will treat other people better.  You will treat yourself better.  

Lighten up, and life gets lighter.