Today we ask that you help other people relax.

This is one of the kindest, most useful things you can do.

Help other people relax.

Parents, help your children relax.

Children, help your parents relax.

Teachers, help your students relax.

Doctors, help your patients relax.

Clergymen, help your parishioners relax.

Help your co-workers relax.  Help your clients relax.

Have you noticed that this is not what people usually do?

Most people go around making other people more tense. 

This is what tense, nervous people do.  They come at you with their nervous tension, and they make you nervous.  If you don’t get nervous, then they may get angry.  They think this means “you don’t care.”

People are really crazy, thinking that it is responsible to go around making other people nervous.  Thinking that means they are accomplishing something.

There is a holy woman from India who goes around the world hugging people.  Now, that is useful.  That is a very helpful thing to do, to go around hugging people, making them feel safe and loved.

That is how to be a good mother, whether you are male or female.  Hug people.  Make them feel safe, and loved.

There may be this part of you that thinks you must be harsh and critical with others, and yourself, in order to motivate good behavior.

This is not true.  It is a lie.

There is enough harsh judgment in your world.  It has never led to anything good.  It causes wars and genocides, and no end of suffering.

This world doesn’t need more harsh judgment.  It has more than enough.

What this world sorely lacks is kindness and compassion.  That is what it needs, more than anything.

So stop going around attacking people.  

If you really wish to be a useful person, be kind to others.  Help them relax.

If you really wish to heal this world, you can start by being kind to people.  Help them relax.

Generally speaking, if you are someone who helps other people to relax, many doors will open to you.  In order to receive the light that is coming, you must learn to relax yourself.  It is not enough to help others, if you cannot also relax yourself.