is your life out of balance

Today we ask that you create balance in your life.

Many of the dramas that occur in your life are really just indicators that energy is out of balance, the way physical illness indicates an unbalanced body system.

The two major forces you are working with in life are what the Chinese call “Yin” and “Yang” energy.  They can be viewed as a masculine/feminine dialectic, but that is limiting.  Really it is more like the interplay of Strength vs. Flexibility.

Most athletes understand that peak physical condition requires the body to be both strong, and flexible.

Too much strength and forcefulness, without flexibility and suppleness, leads to injuries and breakage.

You live in a predominantly “Yang” society, so this is the state many of you find yourselves in.  You are taught to cultivate a certain kind of strength: hard work, competitiveness, dog-eat-dog, caffeinated, long hours, no sleep.  This is not healthy.  There is no fluidity, no suppleness, no give-and-take, no adaptiveness, no rest.

Overly “Yang” societies and individuals tend to experience breakage and breakdowns.

“Yin” energy is fluid and adaptive.  It is like the lubricant that keeps your joints healthy.  Without this lubricant, inflammation and breakage occurs.

However, if “Yin” energy is unbalanced, it can lead to a passivity and weakness of character.  There may be integrity issues, or a general lack of “oomph” in the life experience.  You’re a bit of a puddle.

These energies are best when they are balanced.  People require strength, endurance, and courage — but they are in danger if they are overly rigid, and prone to forcing things.

If you tend toward rigidity and trying to force matters, then you need to cultivate a more flexible, soft, adaptive energy in your life.

It is good to be flexible, yielding, and adaptive.  But you are in danger if you are always being “rolled over,” or feel like a doormat, or don’t have much “oomph” in your life.  If you are too much of a “couch potato.”

If you tend toward passivity, and feeling like a puddle — then you need to cultivate more strength, endurance, and courage in your life.

A physical practice like yoga, or martial arts, is an excellent way of cultivating both yin and yang energy in your life — in a healthy, balanced way (although beware if you have yang tendencies, and always want to “power through” everything — that means you need a softer practice.)

Balancing these energies in your life can create powerful positive change in your life experience.