people are different

Today we ask you to accept that people are different.

Though there is a fundamental unity or core that permeates every human and binds all humans together, each human possesses a totally distinct energy frequency.

It is very wise to cultivate consciousness and sensitivity around this.

One of the great sources of conflict between people is their inability to recognize valid differences and distinctions between people.

There is a belief that there is some ideal model of a “good, normal, successful man,” or a “good, normal, successful woman.”

This belief causes no end of suffering.

Naturally, these ideal models vary widely between cultures, nationalities, and generations.  The definition of “good, normal and successful” can change quite rapidly in a society.

That is why these models are meaningless, and destructive.

Think about the 1950’s American version of  “good, normal, successful men” and “good, normal, successful women.”  When you watch films and TV shows from this time period, or current shows set in that time period, you can see what distress these rigid models caused for so many people.

You are fortune to live in a more tolerant time.

And yet, even in 2013, many of you are carrying around notions of “good, normal, and successful” — and suffering terribly because you do not fit into this arbitrary model.

People are different.

It is nonsensical to expect unique human beings to conform to cultural norms.

People are different.

Your friends are different from you.  Your partner is different from you.  Your child is different from you.  Your parents and siblings are different from you.  Your coworkers are different from you.

All of the people you interact with are different from you.  Even if they appear to be very similar, they are different from you.

This seems very obvious.

And yet highly intelligent people do not understand this obvious truth.

People are different.  No one is just like you.  No one should be like you.  And you should not be like anyone else.

If you understood this, you would become more sensitive and compassionate around people’s differences.  You would judge them less, and listen to them more.

If you did this, you would eliminate much conflict and drama from your life.

People are different.  Yes, you know this.  But do you really know this?