don't get carried away by concepts

Today we ask that you not get carried away by concepts and ideologies.

Many spiritually-minded people are attracted to conceptual systems.  It may be Jungian psychology, or kabbalah, or astrology, or theosophy.  It may be a system propounded by a self-help guru.

There is nothing wrong with these systems, in of themselves.  They can be useful and effective tools for gaining insight into the self, and reality.

The problem arises when people become lost in these systems.  They then become like the alchemists and mad scientists of myth, shut away from the world, obsessed with their conceptual systems.

If you are prone to this kind of “mad scientist” behavior, where you get very obsessed with conceptual systems, it is essential that you learn to stay grounded.

Get back into your body.  Go for a walk outside.  Spend time in the garden.  Go to a yoga class.  Whatever you do, get back into your body.  Get grounded.

Again, there is nothing wrong with being a student of Jungian psychology, or the kabbalah, or any codified system that gives insight into the archetypal nature of reality.

Just notice if you get carried away, that is all.  Notice if you start thinking that mastering this system will solve all your problems, and help you control reality.

You are in for a rude awakening, whenever you think you’ve got it all “figured out.”  Reality has a way of throwing banana peels into the path of anyone who believes they’re in control of things.

The best remedy for this is to stay grounded, in your body, on this planet.  This will prevent you from getting carried away.