drop your crutches

Today we ask that you look at your scar tissue.

Many people are walking around with a heavy burden of psychic scar tissue.

Scar tissue serves a purpose.  It grows over a wound.  It stops the bleeding, and protects the body.

But sometimes scar tissue can stand in the way of true and full healing.  Sometimes the body learns to compensate, to avoid pain, in ways that prevent the full healing of an injury.

When this happens, it is necessary to work with the scar tissue itself.  Sometimes scar tissue must be removed for a fuller healing to take place.

The emotional body is just like the physical body.  It can be wounded.  It grows scar tissue.   It learns to compensate.

When people experience severe emotional trauma, the scar tissue that forms is often of a nature that dulls or deadens the emotions.  It may also attempt to compensate, or protect the injury, by avoiding any further emotional trauma.  

So, classically, people who are very hurt in romantic relationships develop an aversion to exposing themselves to further hurt.  This aversion is scar tissue in the emotional body.  It grows over an injury, and serves to protect that person.  Ultimately, however, it causes additional, unintended damage — by preventing that person from connecting intimately with others.  

An important part of your growth process as a human is to honestly look at yourself, and assess the places in which you carry psychic scar tissue.

Usually these coincide with hot-spot issues in your life, those areas in which you feel most vulnerable, and insecure.

The good news is, the emotional body is even more plastic than the physical body.  It can be healed, even after sustaining major injuries.

It is just that healing psychic injuries is difficult, and in many ways easier to avoid than healing physical injuries.  It requires the opening and examination of old psychic wounds, which can feel very painful.

However, this is a very worthwhile pain.  Clearing away psychic scar tissue can allow old, unhealed injuries to fully heal.  This releases a huge amount of stuck energy in your life.  It can literally transform your life experience.

One of the greatest skills you can learn is that of knowing when your emotional body is severely injured, and surrendering to the healing process.

If you are carrying around a lot of anger at people who have wronged you, at the world in general, or at God or the universe, this is a good indicator that you have old psychic injuries in need of excavation.  If you are crippled by your fears, this is also true.  

Imagine a person who has broken a leg, but continues to walk around with a cast and crutches many years later — possibly for the rest of his life — because he is too scared to remove the cast.

That is what many people are like, when it comes to psychic injuries.  They are limping through their lives, cut off from their full mobility and empowerment, because they are afraid.  Removing the cast will be a painful procedure, but the subsequent relief will make it very worthwhile.

If you are someone who carries around terrible anger, or crippling fear, please seek help.   Do not stop at masking the problem with antidepressants or other drugs.  Drugs can help deal with the symptoms, but they do not address the root problem.  A cure is possible.  Please find a good therapist, or hypnotherapist.  Find a good energy worker, or healer.  Find someone who specializes in dealing with PTSD.  

If you cannot afford to work with someone, the Work of Byron Katie and EFT are techniques you can do at home, for free, that can be very helpful in healing psychic injuries.  You can also learn how to meditate.  Meditation allows deeply buried issues to come to light, as you sit with yourself and notice what arises.

Don’t be afraid of uncovering old psychic injuries.  Which would you prefer?  A sharp, temporary pain, followed by profound and lasting relief?  Or a dull, debilitating pain that never fully heals?  The choice is yours.