why relaxation is productive

Today we ask you to relax.


Please, relax.

Feeling tense about things will not do you any good at all.

Tension and stress create blockage and paralysis.

If you want to be a useful person, the most useful thing you can do in this world is to be someone who helps people to relax and feel peaceful.

This means refusing to contribute to fear consciousness.  It means refusing to spread stories and beliefs that you know will increase fear and anxiety for people.

This doesn’t mean, bury your head in the sand and avoid problems.

It just means that it is impossible to solve any problem with real intelligence from a place of fear.

The anxious thoughts that rattle around your head are not intelligent.  Mostly, they are very stupid.  If you really tracked your fearful thoughts, you would see that 99% of them are totally wrong.  So that is not intelligent.  To be wrong 99% of the time is stupid.

That is why the first thing to do when you are anxious, is to relax.

You will never think clearly when you are anxious.

People who are chronically stressed and anxious are actually insane in their thinking.  You cannot trust their actions, or beliefs.  You should certainly never listen to someone who appears to be chronically stressed and anxious.  They are wrong about almost everything.

The most useful skill you can cultivate is that of relaxing at will, even under pressure.

Techniques such as meditation, breathing, yoga, and pressure on acupuncture points are all methods of calming anxiety at will.

Calm down.  Relax.

You will not think clearly if you are in a panic.  You will not think clearly if you are anxious.  You simply cannot trust your thoughts, when you are anxious.

The most useful skill you can cultivate is learning to relax at will, and to help others relax.

If people understood the value of deep relaxation, there would be far less physical and mental illness in your world.