feeling stuck? clean house

Today we ask that you create space in your lives.

Many of you have the experience of feeling stuck, or trapped.  You wish for more flow in your lives, but things feel a bit blocked.

Generally speaking, flow is something that requires encouragement.  You must create space for it.

Of course, in reality, flow is always happening.  Flow never stops.  The universe expands.   Everything always moves and changes.  Flow is your natural state.

But sometimes there is blockage.  This is like a stagnant pond.  It gets weedy and slimy.  The water cannot move.  Something is blocked.

One of two things can happen when there is blockage:

1.  You expend some energy to clear space, and remove the blockage, or —

2.  Pressure builds to an intolerable level.  Eventually a critical point is reached.

For people, this “critical point” is usually some sort of big crisis.  A major health crisis, a financial crisis, a relationship crisis, a life crisis.  One way or another, the blockage will be cleared; but the experience may be extremely painful.  

Sometimes physical death is the only way to clear blocked energy.  If you accept that physical death is not the end (and it is okay if you do not believe this), you may perceive that physical death is a very efficient solution for extreme energy blockage.

There are gentler, less painful ways to move stuck energy.

This comes from a strong desire to move blocked energy, followed by action.

One of the swiftest ways to move stuck energy is simply to clean house.

That can mean literally cleaning your house, and getting rid of accumulated clutter.  Doing so will always clear space and get energy moving.

Another form of cleaning house is taking action to make your mind and body healthier.

This means a healthier diet — both for the body, and the mind.  The mind ingests energy as surely as the body does.  Watch what you feed it.  

Establishing an exercise routine for the mind and body is cleaning house.  The body requires physical movement.  The mind requires meditative practices.

Cleaning your physical environment, your body, and your mind is a very direct way to clear space and get stuck energy moving.

Cleaning house is also related to what you do “for a living.”  How healthy do you feel in what you do?  How integrated are you?  What motivates you?

This applies to relationships.  You must be very honest about your true motivations for being in relationships with people, both personally and professionally.

If this all sounds overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be.  You are not asked to take on everything all at once.

Just pick one.

Maybe it’s cleaning your house.

Maybe it’s starting a regular physical exercise routine.

Maybe it’s starting a regular meditation practice.

If your house is clean and uncluttered, and you are exercising and meditating, and you still feel stuck, then you can look at other aspects of your life.

The amazing thing is that if you start just a little bit of flow, and keep at it, this will create a flow momentum.  More and more energy will start to move, like a frozen river thawing out after a long winter.

So if you are feeling really stuck, just pick one thing.  House, body, or mind.  But really commit and stick to it.

Flow creates flow.

Inertia creates inertia.

Sooner or later, even the biggest blockage will move.  But if you choose to consciously embrace flow and movement of your own free will, the unblocking process can be far less painful.