how to make New Year's resolutions

Today we ask that you focus on what is right in front of you.

With the coming of a New Year, there is a natural desire to “make resolutions,” to plan big changes for the new time.

How often do things really work out, when you do this?

This is not to say, give up, be passive, and don’t try new things.  This is not to say, things won’t change.

But often, when people make projections about what they want to have happen in the future, it is not coming from the most pure-hearted place.  Often, such projections come out of a sense of lack, and worthlessness.  

“This past year, I was a failure.  But next year, I shall succeed!”

This is nothing but a set-up for misery.

When you look back on your life, you will see that most of the big turning points were not things that you specifically planned.  Life takes strange and unexpected turns.  That’s the fun of it.

The most healthy thing to do is to be aligned with the flow of the universe right now, in this moment.

That way, whatever arises, you will be ready to meet it with your full presence — instead of being pushed and pulled and thrown about like a rag doll every time what is happening in reality diverges from your fantasies, projections, plans, and goals.

The main thing is to become fully present in this moment, and fully loving and accepting of who you are right now.

From that place, your heart will lead you.

Your heart will not lead you into a place of passivity and “not getting things done.”

Rest assured, if you follow your heart, you will be proactive, and “do things.”

But the activity will arise from a place of fullness, not lack.

It will arise from: “I love myself, and I love life.  How may I best create and build and grow, for the greatest good?”

As opposed to: “I hate myself and life is awful.  I really need to whip myself into shape and make something of life, or my self-hatred will get even more unbearable.”

So, as you make your New Year’s resolutions, get really present with yourself.

Do these goals come from a place of fullness, and self-love?

Or do they come from a place of lack, insecurity, and dissatisfaction with the self?

To the degree they arise out of fullness and love, they shall “succeed.”

But the universe may not always give you exactly what you crave, or imagine.

It will give you something even better.  

Let your heart be open to receive the gifts of the universe, in whatever form they arise.  Do not be so blinded by your “goals” that you do not recognize such gifts, when they come.