appreciate the feast of life

Today we ask that you be appreciative.

In life, it is very good to simply be “one who appreciates.”

One of the connotations of the word “appreciate” is “increase” — as when something appreciates in value.

And so to appreciate, is to increase.  Only when you are appreciative in life, you are increasing the vibrational frequency of every interaction.

When you are served food, active appreciation of the meal, and those who have prepared it, as well as the life forms that are the food, increase the vibrational frequency of your dining experience.  The food will actually be digested better when you do this.

This applies to all of life.

One might say that all life experience is a form of “eating.”

When you are in a state of appreciation, it increases the vibrational frequency around what you are experiencing.  As a result, you digest life itself much better.

In addition, the act of appreciation opens all doors.

The opposite of appreciation is attack.

So instead of appreciating life experience, you reject and attack it.  This lowers the vibrational frequency around experience — and will give you a case of “life indigestion.”  A lot of sickness and dis-ease arises from “life indigestion.”

In addition, people who attack tend to experience many closed doors, and stuck energy.

In any given moment, it is good to ask:

“Am I appreciating?”

Or “Am I attacking?”

It is rare that one is neutral.  Usually there is an element of appreciation, or attack, in any interaction.

Being appreciative does not mean saying yes to everything, or being a doormat.  You certainly do not have to “eat” every life experience that is given or offered to you.  

But there is a way of saying no to things that does not involve attack.  You will know by the feeling tone around it.

Appreciative energy always has a light, loose feeling.

Attack energy always has a heavy, constrictive feeling.

Increasing appreciative energy can radically transform one’s life experience — particularly when accompanied by a dropping of attack energy.