sing your song

Today we ask that you sing your own song.

Every living thing has its own unique energy signature.  This can be perceived as a “song.”  It is like a song in many ways, for it has a specific vibrational resonance.

No two songs are alike.  Even the rocks have songs, and no two rocks are alike.  This is certainly true of humans.  No two humans anywhere are identical.

Sometimes when humans come together, there is is harmony.  This is felt as a good feeling — warmth, love, friendship.  It is a simpatico feeling.

Other times, there is discord.  The songs are in conflict.  There is an unpleasant feeling.  It can be so severe sometimes as to leave a feeling of sickness, and dis-ease.

A healthy human being knows what is his song is, and just sings it.  Children are like this.  They are just themselves, playing and living and singing their song.

Pain and confusion arises when someone attempts to impose their song on someone else, or insists that all songs ought to be the same.

Parents often incorrectly believe that their children ought to sing the same song they do.  If they notice their child singing a different song, they proceed to force the child into “music lessons,” with the intent of modifying the child’s song.  The same thing can happen in schools.

This is terribly destructive.  Any being who attempts to suppress or change his unique song will experience great pain and sickness.  Sometimes people die from this.

It is a terrible thing when people begin to believe that their songs are bad.  That they are somehow singing the wrong song, and are defective.

You were born with your song.  It is the song of your True Self.  It cannot be suppressed or altered.  The attempt to do so will cause terrible damage.

Your song is who you are when you feel calm, relaxed, and at peace.  In the stillness, your song becomes audible.  A lot of mental noise has a way of covering up and drowning out your song.

You cannot sing someone else’s song.  It is not possible.  To attempt to do so will create terrible discord.

It is okay, also, if sometimes you feel disharmony with people.  Instead of judging them, just understand that they sing different songs.  Just as people gravitate toward enjoying different forms of music, so too does everyone project their own individual song.  You don’t have to find everyone’s song appealing.

But it is good to listen, even if you do not like the song.

To listen is to allow.  It is to allow something to just be, without trying to suppress or change it.

Sometimes you will harmonize, sometimes you will not.  But please just listen, without trying to suppress or change someone else’s song — or your own.

The more you learn to quiet down your mind, the better a listener you shall be.

And a really great listener can find beauty in anyone’s song, even if the song isn’t their sort of thing.

Sing your song.  Let other beings sing theirs.

If everybody just sang, unimpeded, a natural harmony would arise.  This could heal your world instantly.