Today we ask that you know that violence is never a good solution.

Many of you will agree with this statement.  And yet even sensitive, spiritually-minded individuals will say “But there are exceptions.”

When one is fighting for human rights, for freedoms, for example.  When one is fighting evil — then violence is acceptable.

This is not true.

Violent action always begets violent action.

Ultimately, it is an endless loop.  There is always war, there are always two sides.

When you are okay with the violent deaths of innocent civilians as “collateral damage” in a war against violent aggressors, then you are lost.  You are lost.

What are you saying?  Would you truly be okay with your own violent death, or the death of loved ones, as “collateral damage”?

If you happened to born into a country ruled by tyrants and madmen, would you truly deep down be okay getting slaughtered by the “forces of freedom”?

As the bombs fell, wouldn’t you ask: “Please, couldn’t there be another way?”

Being okay with collateral damage implies that some lives are simply more valuable than others.  The lives of people who happen to be situated on “the good side” are worth more than the lives of people who happen to be situated on “the bad side.”

Of such thinking arises the deaths of countless people.  

All lives are equal.  All humans, no matter where they are, are your brothers, sisters, and children.  

Violence begets violence.  Killing begets killing.

Please know that there is always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always a better way.

The ego mind will say, this is not so.  Sometimes violence is necessary.  It is unfortunate, but necessary.

And this makes sense, from a certain perspective.  You must guard and protect what is yours, and fight evil.

But isn’t this the root of all war?  People think: “I must guard and protect what is mine, and fight evil.”

Don’t your “enemies” believe exactly the same thing?  In their minds, they are guarding and protecting what is theirs, and fighting evil.

Peace and sanity can only be found when you let go of dualism, let go of “us” and “them.”

You are immortal beings.  You cannot, in fact, be killed.

And there is nothing in this world that is “yours.”  Ownership of anything is a fiction.  A thousand years from now, what will you own?  

Love.   Compassion.  Even for the “enemy.”  This is the only way out of the endless cycle of violence. 

There is always a better way.