Today we ask that you understand the absolute necessity of feeling that your actions are meaningful.

No matter what you do, any joy derived from it is connected to meaning.  There is no joy without meaning.

“Meaning” does not quite evoke exactly what this is.  “Purpose” is another word — not exactly right, either.

Perhaps “wholeness” is a better word.

What you do, you must do with wholeness.

This means not being half-hearted about anything.  This means being fully committed to your actions.

It means believing in what you do.

It is that simple.  You must believe in what you do.  Then meaning, purpose, and joy will follow.

If you do not believe in what you do, then it does not matter how much money you make doing it.  Inside, something will eat away at you.  Over time, that something may manifest as physical or mental illness.

If you do believe in what you do, then it does not matter how little money you make doing it.  You might even do it for free.  You’ll have plenty of energy to do this work, and it will actually increase your physical and mental well-being.

So — when you do things you don’t believe in for money, in a way it is like “making a deal with the Devil.” There may be an outward appearance of worldly success, but your soul is in torment.  You are in a kind of Hell.

When you follow your heart and do things you believe in, you feel good.  You may face challenges, but you will have the strength to see them through.  You will find that the universe will support you — although perhaps not so much as to overfeed your ego.

It is good to do things that you believe in not for ego gratification, but for love.

If you are doing something you believe in, but there is a part of you that craves ego gratification — i.e. specialness, fame, riches — then the universe often has a way of “starving” this aspect, so that you can tap into a deeper, more truly selfless motivation.

That is why so often following the path of the heart can be a struggle, for a while.

It is not because reality is torturing you.

But it is important that energy be correctly aligned.  You must be whole in your actions.  If you are doing something for love, then really do it for love.

If people did what they believed in, there would be far less illness in your world.