Today we ask that you have faith in the life experience.

What does this mean?

Each of you is having a “life experience.”

We will say now that you are immortal beings who have had many such experiences.  It is okay if you do not believe this.  But it might be amusing to imagine that this is so.

So — let’s say you are an immortal being having a “life experience.”

Within the parameters of your current life, you choose to have many experiences.

You might decide to watch a film, or a TV show.  That is an experience.

You might decide to go for a walk, or a hike, or a jog.  That is an experience.

You might eat at a restaurant.  That is an experience.

You might get married.  You might have a child.  These are experiences.

People gravitate toward different kinds of experiences.

Some people like action movies, other people like romantic comedies, others like thought-provoking dramas.

Some people like fine dining, others like “comfort food.”

Some people like rigorous exercise, others like to go at a more leisurely pace.

It is the same with life experiences.

Some lives are rigorous, others more leisurely.

Some lives are fine dining, others are “comfort food.”

Some lives are action movies, some lives are romantic comedies, some lives are thought-provoking dramas.

It really is this simple.

“Enlightenment” is what happens when someone steps out of the life experience prior to physical death.

It is like a movie in which a character wakes up to the fact that he is a character in a movie, and as a result no longer really plays the same part in the drama.

One is also filled with a profound sense of well-being that comes when you know that the author of the life experience, with all its ups and downs, is none other than you.

Not the frightened little ego you, but a vast, serene, immortal you that is interconnected with all life, all space, all time.

So — think about the kinds of experiences you are drawn to.

Do you like drama?  Do you like risk?  Do you like to play it safe?  Do you like to take it easy?  Do you like a challenge?

These are clues about the “life experience” you have chosen.

And though many lives may appear to end very tragically, in reality there are only happy endings.  For physical death is an awakening into a vaster, and purely good, experience.

It is okay if you do not believe any of this.