Today we ask that you cultivate an attitude of open receptivity.

Basically, it is good to be ready for anything.

It is good to live life like an eager student.  When a student enters a learning environment, he does not know exactly what is coming his way.  But the good student is more or less “ready for anything.”  He is open and receptive.  He is game.

It is good to live life this way.

A poor student is not receptive.  He may resent having to be in the class.  He may believe that he is not good at learning new things.  He would rather be watching TV.  As a result, he will struggle, and be frustrated.

A lot of people live life this way.  They are closed down.  They do not want to learn new things.  They would rather be doing something unchallenging.  So life feels like a struggle, because this goes against the flow of life.

Commonly, as people grow older, they become more closed down and less adaptive.  This is actually one of the causes of the aging process.

So it is good to be an eager student of life.  To be ready for anything.  To be open, receptive, and game.  Not only will this make life much less of a struggle overall, it will also make you better equipped to deal with crisis situations, and bigger changes.

You live in a time period that is very exciting, and full of change.  To the degree that you are open and adaptive, this can be a fun time to be alive.  If you are shut down to new experiences and would rather watch TV, it is more challenging.

So cultivate a “ready for anything” attitude.  Go outside your comfort zone, even a little bit.  Baby steps are okay.  And know that if you do things with a whole heart and no resentment, you will feel far less resistance.