Today we ask that you cultivate spaciousness.

What does this mean?

It is very simple.

When you imagine something that is tight, contracted, and closed, how does that feel?

When you imagine something that is loose, flexible, and open, how does that feel?

Which feels better?

Most of you will find that the loose, flexible, open state feels much better than a tight, contracted, closed state.

In the body, tightness is associated with tension, and stress.

Looseness is associated with relaxation, and calm.

Things that are rigid and brittle tend to break.

Things that are flexible and supple are resilient.

Therefore it is a very good thing to cultivate the quality of openness, spaciousness, and fluidity in yourself.

The body that is open, spacious, and fluid tends toward health.

The body that is tight, contracted, and dry tends toward sickness.

This is true also of the mind.

The mind that is open, spacious, and fluid tends toward health.

The mind that is closed and contracted tends toward sickness.

People are not so different from plants.

Healthy plants are supple and fluid.

Sick plants are stiff and dry.

So it is good to cultivate practices that create openness and fluidity in the body and mind.

Meditative practices create space in the mind.

Grounding physical practices, like yoga, tai chi, non-stressful exercise, and massage, create space in the body.

Ninety percent (or more) of all healing is simply creating space in which healing can occur.

That is why healthy rest and sleep cycles are so important.  Sleep creates space in which the body/mind can process, ingest, and clean itself of what it takes in during the day.

If you are always mentally stimulated, looking at your computer, phone, or TV, then your mind does not have any space.

A mind without space tends to stiffen, and close.

If you are always sedentary in front of a computer or TV, then your body has no space.

A body without space tends to stiffen, and close.

People need space.  That is why open, natural environments are so calming for people.

So today, just look at ways of creating more space and openness in your life.

It might mean turning off the computer, phone, and TV, and going outside for fresh air.

It might mean taking time to stretch and ground your body with gentle exercise.

It might mean giving yourself some alone time.

It might mean spending time with an animal, or a small child.

It might mean listening to music that brings you joy.

It might mean taking a relaxing bath.

Creating space in your body and mind will bring you healing, and sanity.

And then, in turn, you can help other people to create space in their bodies and minds.

With enough space, you could heal the world.