Today we ask that you know it is possible to create deep change within yourself.

Many people follow life paths that are very rigid and predictable.  There is a burst of vital energy in youth, that flattens out as one reaches adulthood, and one follows in the paths laid down by one’s parents, ancestors and culture.  This is followed by the decline into old age and death.

Such lives are heavily proscribed by one’s genes, one’s culture, and one’s karma — which is to say, what you brought in with you, into this lifetime.

But is very possible to change all of this.

You can rewrite your genes.  This is true.  You can actually rewrite your genetic material, and even pass on different genes to your offspring.  

You can change your karma.  This is true.

This is why in every generation, certain individuals radically break out of their genetic and cultural matrices.  Such beings are capable of creating great collective evolution for all mankind.

You can do this.

It begins with questioning.

You question what your parents and culture have taught you.

You question collective and societal values.

You even begin to question your thoughts.  You learn not to believe your thoughts.  Your thoughts are deeply influenced by genes and culture; they cannot be believed.

Instead of listening to the external voices and the internal critic, you begin to listen to something else.

The stillness.  The silence.

The sound of your breath.  The beating of your heart.

You learn to meditate, and quiet down the mind.

You learn how to relax the nervous system.

You learn to step outside of the collective drama.

When you do this, you are rewriting your genes.  You are changing your karma.

For most people, life is like a closed, predictable loop, from birth to death.

But it is possible to open the loop.  To break the loop.  To move into new, unexplored territory.  Places your parents and ancestors would never have dreamt of going.

You can do this.  You can do this now.

You are not a victim of your genes, culture, or karma.  

You can liberate yourself completely.  

The path lies in the still center within you.  In the space between your thoughts, when you are very open, calm, and still — that is the way.