Today we ask that you pay attention to the nervous tension you carry within your body.

Many of you are tense all the time.  You literally do not remember what it feels like to truly relax.

Watching TV during one’s down time is not relaxing.  What happens to your body when you watch the news, or TV dramas, or reality shows?  Certainly, it is not relaxing for you.

Between the drama of your daily lives and the collective dramas you experience in the news, no wonder so few of you are relaxed.

Chronic nervous tension is not good for the body.  In fact, the vast majority of illnesses experienced by individuals in “first world” countries is caused by chronic nervous tension.  This is what is so burdensome for your health care systems.

Relax.  Relax.  Please, relax.

Please remember how to give yourselves true down time.

Turn off the computer, phone, and TV.  Go outside.  Get some fresh air.

Receive a massage.  Get back in your body.

It is madness, after a tense day, to sit and watch the news, or tension-creating TV shows.

Sometimes power failures are not such a terrible thing.  It is the only opportunity for true peace and quiet that some people may experience.

Relax.  Relax.  Please, relax.

So many of your health problems would be eased if you could only let yourselves relax completely.

And being tense and nervous is not going to fix any of the world’s problems.  Cause them, yes.  Solve them, no.

So just notice how tense you may feel in this moment.

Can you remember a time when you were truly relaxed?  What were you doing — or not doing?

See if you can cultivate a relaxed feeling even now.  It is always possible.

Take a deep breath.  Relax, relax.