Today we ask that you do not add your own fears to fearful situations.

What does this mean?

In your reality, fearful situations arise.  They may be on a large scale, or a small scale.  There may be sweeping natural disasters, or private emergencies.

Humans have been trained to believe that the way to express their caring for people who are involved in such crises is by getting caught up in the other people’s pain.

“Oh, that is awful!  How horrible!  I am so sorry for you!”

But really, this does not help at all.  It never helps.

In a crisis situation, do you think are helping someone by becoming panicky and hysterical?  Can’t you see that such behavior only makes an unpleasant situation even worse?

The best thing to do in any crisis situation is to quiet down the mind and restore calm.  A calm person is always far better equipped to deal with any crisis than a hysterical, panicked person.

This is true even when you are removed from the crisis by distance.

It helps no one to sit in front of the TV watching a large scale crisis unfold, projecting all kinds of fear and panic toward the situation.  Since everything is connected energetically, this only makes things worse.

The best thing to do is send calm, peaceful, loving energy to anyone involved in a crisis.

Do not get caught up in the fearful drama.  That helps no one.  Do not addictively watch traumatic events on TV.  That helps no one.

Do whatever you can to remain calm.  Breathe.  Meditate.  Send that stabilizing energy toward the people involved.

Staying calm in a crisis certainly doesn’t mean you “don’t care.”  That is nonsense.

When people are in pain, they lash out at others.  One of the ways they lash out is by saying “You don’t really care!”

Don’t listen to this.  When people are in pain, they cannot think clearly.  That is why the best thing you can do is think clearly on their behalf.

Do not add your fear to a crisis.

Remain calm.  That is how you can most capably respond.