Today we ask that you really listen to the people you are close to.

Many of you are in relationships.  Often there are ongoing tensions and arguments between people — spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, parents, children, friends, partners.

You may believe that the other person is making some sort of mistake, or doing the wrong thing.  Perhaps you feel personally threatened by what the other person is doing.  You wish they would make different choices, and live in a different way.

Some of you may spend time mentally arguing with projections of these people, even when they aren’t there.

We invite you, this day, for a few moments to let go of your arguments, and your desire for this person to do things differently.

Just in your mind, please sit quietly with this person you are close to.

Sit quietly, and stop fighting with them.  Reconnect with your warm, caring feelings toward this person.  Maybe feelings you had in the past, if it is hard for you to feel it now.

Now, in your mind, ask this person:

What do you really want?

Why are you acting this way?

How can I help you?

And just notice what comes up.  Sit quietly, and really imagine what the other person might say to you, if he or she truly felt safe with you in this moment.

Listen.  Listen.

It is good to practice doing this in your mind, with someone around whom you feel frustration and conflict.

When you practice listening to the other in your mind, you can begin to do it in real life.

It is amazing how hard it is for people to listen to each other.  Learning to listen can totally transform your relationships.